Crossroads and Detours

Two directions Maybe more At this crossroad Choices await I see the signs That lead to a detour Which way to go? There is no easy way There is only the way The arrow points in the right direction Towards the truth * photo credit: Advertisements

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The Path Unseen

No matter which way life seems to flow When your direction is known You go where you have to go Territory unknown soon feels like home Faith sets a path unseen  No reason to give up when you not only know But believe you will make it  Believe it  • photo credit:

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Poignant Sky

Life can take a toll Even if you don’t want to pay Collecting change and waiting Rearrange the pieces But the centerpiece remains in place Not looking towards the sky Peering deep into my heart To find a resurrected God Always there My soles press on step by step Despite exhausted legs Hope can be […]

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Four Corners

Four corners Four ways Turn right Turn left Go straight Four routes to take In the middle of it all Take a bow  Take a deep breath Let it out Walk or ride Red lights are temporary  • photo credit:

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Real Thought Series: Direction

“My direction? Anywhere. Because one is always nearer by not keeping still.” ― Sebastian Faulks, Engleby   Like a recording that plays over and over Until it becomes background noise I use to listen as the darts pierced my eardrums Until the day came when I listened but could no longer hear Words that once […]

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Empty Streets Series: Direction

Exiting, my eyes had to adjust to the brightness The light of the unknown Turning my face towards the direction of a new way Breaking barriers and widening the boundaries God, I can’t recall a time when you have not astounded me My spirit gives way to  your faithfulness I am fully persuaded of your […]

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