Engine Revving Up

As I sit and smile Wild and crazy notion Hop in and take a spin House of cards folded and tossed New deck in hand Set the gps on the dash Start the engine and in a flash I’m gone Who knows where The map is huge * photo credit: pexels.com Advertisements

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Solid Pursuit

Heart racing Feet chasing Distant yet close Closer yet distant Song in my head Singing along but Don’t know all the words Fits the moment though Throwing my soul into the pursuit One of these days My heart will cross the finish line * gif credit: giphy

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Light Therapy

Still looking up, no doubt, no fear. Rough times come and then disappear. Hoping for the light of One day to be nearer, yet the light is always near. Have to be of good courage when all is reduced to a snail’s pace, but as long as I keep my face placed toward the light, […]

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