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Monday Thoughts: The Steps Given, The Steps Taken

You know your end goal. You know where you want to be and hope to achieve.  As we push towards our goal, we know there are steps that need to be taken to get us to success. The more you believe in what you want , the more  steps open that give you more options in helping you.

We come into awareness of these step because they relate directly to our goals and it feels like a little nudge in the right direction. These are the steps given. Now, what we do with those steps is an entirely different story. Do we take those necessary steps or do we hesitate, think twice and decide to follow our own logic?  These are the steps taken.  Maybe we think it may be too hard or too long. Maybe there is an easier route (we tell ourselves). Possibly we could be right but then again, is the easier way always the best way?

It may take a lot patience, courage and the willingness to persevere, but when we arrive at the point of achieving our end goal and seeing something we have strived for come to fruition, it can be a fulfilling experience an impetus for us with future goals.


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The Effort Is Always There


Even if I fall short

The effort is always there

Staring at the glare from the streetlight

Home is not to far away

Twelve hour days

A hand full of hours at night

Dreams under my pillow keep me company

Hang my hopes on the moon until the morning

Was I a better man today?

Heart under review

Only God truly knows

Even if I fall short

The effort is always there


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6/3/17 – Time…Unknown 

Thoughts of blues skies 

Warm hearts, warm atmosphere 

Idle chatter, light banter

Pick and choose, whatever grooves you

Beautiful eyes that make men cry

Shy smiles although we have conquered worlds

Thoughts of you

A forgotten treasure 

A natural life enhancer (no exaggeration)

Banging the drum slowly to slow the rotation of the day

Lighting a scented candle to say “I’m with you always”

Studying this map of life and seeking clear directions (God, I know you are listening)

I sang a song today and I sang it loud 

Thoughts of sitting alone

Feeling my heart beat inside 

Sipping on an ice tea

Saying “cheers” to whatever comes next 

Hoping the best is always yet to come 

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4 Line Stories: Yellowish


And in a moment between awake and sleep

They found a space to meet

A peaceful place on the outskirts of a dream

With the most loveliest yellow tinted sky


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