#MondayThoughts: Happy New Year

In this new year of 2018 Now more than ever Fight for your DREAMS Infuse them with solid belief Have faith DREAM And DREAM BIG * Happy New Year to everyone! Let 2018 be the year of your dreams! * Video credit: An inspirational spot featuring animation and original music by Jan Paul Kaim. Advertisements

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Beautiful Contemplations

I would stand and watch Contemplating what she was contemplating Never disturbing her thoughts although she knew I was there I stood there Appreciating her beautiful mind And the beautiful dreams she filled with so much color * gif credit: gifycat

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Rainy Night

Rainy night Sky tears in the light Light a candle Set the ambiance Let the dreams sail Wish you were here Drops of water tap the window Thoughts of you tap at my heart We sail away on this rainy night * photo credit: Shutterstock  

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The Souls of Dreamers

Late autumn evening Damp with a slight chill in the air Darkness and scattered light fill the window’s frame My thoughts are not confined to this autumn portrait My thoughts find themselves elsewhere Peeking through the window of my soul Touched by God’s grace The pink leaves from a blossom tree float everywhere The souls […]

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Violet Sky

Imbedded within this purple sky The innermost thoughts of the heart lie The fragrance of violets and lilac fill the air A climate created by our dreams up there * photo credit: Tenor Gif Keyboard

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