#MondayThoughts: One Up

Even if no one believes in you, as long as you believe in you, you will always be one up.”

Photo by Gladson Xavier from Pexels

The dream, the goal, the vision is set in your heart and mind. It something that you want, that you desire to achieve. You and you alone know the depth of the sincerity in your heart about reaching your goal. Sometimes your efforts cannot be physically seen and it may cause others to see you as lackadaisical, lethargic or not really wanting it as much as you say…to them I say “fuck you,” you don’t know my heart.

When you believe in something so much that at times your soul hurts because you can envision it as clear as day, you know it’s bound to come life. You will hear from the naysayers, the doubt spreaders, those that think you’re in over your head. Don’t let them get you down or pull your dreams out from under you.

If you know your heart, you know what you want and if you believe, then you know that you will get there.

Stay inspired and keep rising.

#RomanticTuesday: In All of Our Days

Btw, always and forever, but you already knew that…

Photo by Jasmine Wallace Carter from Pexels

We stand on equal footing

Love gave us new eyes and new feet

Amazing what we are walking towards and what we see

Clasped hands when we awake and when we sleep

Even in our dreams we don’t drift apart

Always drawn to the beat of each other’s heart

After all, we are one heart

Btw, did I tell you that you are wonderful

And that is from the heart

Which has been wonder filled from the start

We are like lost art newly discovered

No reimaging

Pure love on display

In all of our days

And I am counting down the days

Picture in a frame, hands clasped

Hearts grasped gently

Far beyond always and forever

#MondayThoughts: For The Love of It

“There is an unmatched joy when we are doing the things we love.”

photo credit: Alexander Dummer at pexels.com

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are doing something you enjoy? Time seems to have no relevance or bearing. You are completely immersed in what you are doing and your energy is at a peak level.

Now imagine yourself doing something you dread or don’t really feel like doing. You just want to get through it and get it done and done as soon as possible. Every minute feels like an hour and it is like you’re in the desert walking with no relief in sight. We don’t always enjoy what we do but we learn to do what we have to do.

When we have an opportunity to do what we love and the things that we really enjoy, it is a blessing to experience our gifts and use our talents. We don’t have to shy away from arduous task, only understand that they strengthen us in some way and help us to appreciate that which we love all the more.

Stay inspired and keep rising

Milk and Honey

gif credit: Tenor

Listen up

trying to get my words

to line up

trying to get my ass up

the world is tossing and turning

and I’m surfing every wave

waving hello

seeing bears and bunnies

milk and honey

maybe too much sun in my eyes

bleeding heart crying tears

don’t worry

I’m alright, the oxygen is fresher than ever

taste like peppermint mocha

I’m still walking forward

looking forward

dreams in the oven

I can smell the scent

and I am following it


#MondayThoughts: Self Stagnation

When the environment you are wearing starts feeling tight. It means you are still growing.”

Feed and nurture your heart, mind and spirit. I believe there is always room for us to grow. Do not psyche yourself out into believing you have accomplished all that you can accomplish or that your life cannot continue to grow and expand.

Self stagnation happens for many reasons. By choice, by circumstance, voluntarily, involuntarily. Dreams have no age restriction or expiration. Sometimes you wake up to your environment (inner and outer) feeling kind of tight, this is a sign that your ideas and dreams are bursting at the seams, waiting to be sought out and realized. Ignore that stagnating voice and be all ears for the voice that inspires you.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


photo credit: pexels.com

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