Never Asleep

Love never sleeps, always aglow. Even when the world is napping, love is always in flow. Mighty mountains and shining stars become a silhouette compared to the might and shine of love. As long as there is life to be live and breath to the body is given, we should never lose a moment asleep, […]

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The Mission 

Prim and proper Poised and ready to shine  On a heart stirring mission  A declaration of affection  Dressed in their best  Stunning elegance  Light awaiting to shine In the eyes of gratitude  • photo credit:

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Live What We Live

Although I cannot see I can feel When the birds are in flight I stand in marvel at them The sky would be crowded if we all had wings So I marvel at their sequence of flight Although I cannot see I can feel Swallowing words like soft gels Easing what is going on inside […]

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All That Is You

Share with me All things All that brings You joy Inside Share with me What brings you To life So that I May experience All That is you ~ photo credit:

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And All These Words

And all these words Pound in my heart Like a herd of elephants They march towards the opening The expression of truth I can’t hold back Magnificent truths I see stars in the day sky I see beauty with every tear cried I see the face of love, I cannot deny And all these words […]

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