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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


The Mission 

Prim and proper

Poised and ready to shine 

On a heart stirring mission 

A declaration of affection 

Dressed in their best 

Stunning elegance 

Light awaiting to shine

In the eyes of gratitude 

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Romantic Tuesday: I Hope You Understand


Did I say what I wanted to say?

Not withhold words from you in any way


Express how I felt with a gentle touch

With a soft caress demonstrating just how much


No matter how the world expands

Never letting loose of your hand


Did I give you my voice, when it you needed to hear?

I hope I have never withdrawn from you or disappeared


In this life I understand

In this life I am just a man

In the life I hope you understand

In this life with you I’ll always stand


Were my arms strong enough to make you feel secure?

Assuring you that through it all we would endure


I want you to know that it’s not about me

In this love there is always a capitalized WE


Did I give you authenticity today?

Not nothing other than my true face


Leaving nothing to chance or regret

Loving you as if it is the first time we’ve met


In this life I understand

In this life I am just a man

In the life I hope you understand

In this life with you I’ll always stand


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Live What We Live


Although I cannot see

I can feel

When the birds are in flight

I stand in marvel at them

The sky would be crowded if we all had wings

So I marvel at their sequence of flight

Although I cannot see

I can feel

Swallowing words like soft gels

Easing what is going on inside

Live what we live

And find a way to make it all worthwhile


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All That Is You

Share with me

All things

All that brings

You joy


Share with me

What brings you

To life

So that I

May experience


That is you


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And All These Words


And all these words
Pound in my heart
Like a herd of elephants
They march towards the opening
The expression of truth I can’t hold back
Magnificent truths
I see stars in the day sky
I see beauty with every tear cried
I see the face of love, I cannot deny
And all these words
They belong free
To march to a destined place
To settle comfortably in your heart
And they march magnificently

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The Smile That Blossoms From Her Soul


How powerful a smile can be

A profound expression

Signaling unrestrained joy in the universe

Every time I look up to see you smiling

I smile too, it comes natural

It comes from knowing you, another beautiful truth

This is why we plant good things in the soul

To see them sprout, bud, bloom, and grow

I love to see you smile, I hope you know

The world inside of you lifted up

Incredible, how powerful a smile can be

Yours is


Lifting up the world inside of me

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Three Words

The shortest verse

I could ever do

Is the penning of three words

“I love you”

Profound in sound

Resonating deep down

As I turned to her

She smiled

And before my mouth could speak

“I love you too,” she said

Then kissed me on the cheek

I could only smile

Eyebrows raised

“She sure is special,” I thought

Day by day, I’m totally amazed

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