Breathe in deep The aroma of being free Releasing the non consequential Over layered theories Go where you’ve never been Those walls of comfort look so small from up here Elevated mind and soul The line in the sand crossed I hear what you are saying, God “Just let it go” I have * photo […]

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New Reality

The memories will never fade Days when the setting sun captivated our eyes Tears that fell when the “goodbye” was spoken silently The environment changed around us The ocean’s view showed us the endless possibilities In your smile, I see the world in a constant state of renewal Fingers tracing the softness of a face […]

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Totally Illuminated

In the middle of it all The chaos The drama God stands over there Waving his massive hands, frantically saying “Look over here” And once he captures our attention All that chaos All the drama Seems to just dissipate Eyes on God A light in the heart Life totally illuminated ~ photo credit: www.graphicmania.net

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New Eden

The hopes we carry deep inside Are picked from a garden in a new Eden Be of good courage and you will see them in full bloom God is faithful ~ photo credit: bridalmusings.com

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Someday, It Will

Someday The mist will be lifted Everything Will be in it’s proper place Everything Will be more than fine Life Will not only be good Everyday Will be Amazing ~ photo credit: www.bvimages.ca Bench in the Mist

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Beautiful Child

Holy One I come to you Heart renewed Humble gratitude You came down Took away all shame Healed the pain Looked at me And gave me a new name Beautiful Child ~ photo credit: imgarcade.com  Sri Lanka Landscape Photography …

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In Focus

It is clear enough to see a clear vision, 20/20 thank you God you take the invisible and create the visible what the heart hopes for what the soul craves for wiping all the smudges off the lens eyes of the spirit see daylight again the texture and tones of love always beautiful ~ photo […]

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