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The Sevens: Blindness


The eyes of his heart were blinded from the madness

Even in the darkness of lost conscious he could see

Her’s was a visual that not even blindness could steal away

He laughed, he cried

He smiled as he realized he could see more clearer than ever

Restoration of the heart had taken place

Her’s was a visual that would live with him forever


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The Mission 

Prim and proper

Poised and ready to shine 

On a heart stirring mission 

A declaration of affection 

Dressed in their best 

Stunning elegance 

Light awaiting to shine

In the eyes of gratitude 

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What does a second chance bring?

Sight to blind eyes

That have long since shut out the world

Barbwire cut from around the heart

To allow it to be touched

Do we wait for tomorrow?

Or do we search for meaning

In why the coming together of our hands

Raises our souls from the tombs of the forgotten?

We prepare to decode the writings on the wall of our hearts…


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I hear the door close

The room is dark again

The searchlight goes out

A heart streaks down the lonely highway

Distance begins to tell its lies again

I remember the first day

How your eyes gave life to that day

Now watery eyes flood the heart

We climb to the highest height to see how the world could look

The vultures couldn’t fly that high and steal our seeds

This light inside aches

Wanting to burst through

I remember the last day

How your eyes saw the darkness coming

And all we knew faded with the passing seconds

But we’ll never forget

The searchlight goes out

To find the seeds we planted

Someday, the room will burst with life again


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#Romantic Tuesday: Every Time Our Eyes Meet

All I can see

Is the window to life

In your eyes

No smudges or stains

Life, as clear as this day

Rising up from your heart

An intimate look into all that can be

I read passionately

Devouring all the hopes and possibilities

Of what we can be together

A soulful romance

Giving our best to us

Constantly rediscovering our miracle

Every time our eyes meet



All we can see


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Cresting Light 

And still your smile lights up the world 

A constant refreshing reminder of hope

There is a glimmer in your eyes 

A sparkling light cresting on a mountain top

Which never ceases to amaze me 

I appreciate you more as the days are folded and packed away 

You continue to find untapped ground within me to grow

I feel it because the stem of your presence moves my heart 

What you give to this life, to my life

Is the wholeness of your being

I am blessed

Blessed to have the experience of you sharing yourself with me

As we desecend deeper into this well of love we discovered 

I am totally mesmerized


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