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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Road Unknown


The length of this road unknown

The map is in constant change

The direction remains the same

Hope beats within the heart softly

Hope beats steady and consistent

Through every peak and valley

We say a prayer

Releasing control to the One

He has promised to get us there

We are faithful to the journey

More important, we are faithful to us


photo courtesy of pixabay





Friday Inspiration: Complete and New


Love sees the soul

Not differences

Or indifference

Love takes the broken pieces

Making something complete

And new

music: TobyMac “Love Broke Thru”

photo credit: Storenvy



Friday Inspiration: His Name Is Mighty

Your name roars in the thunder

In the eagle’s shriek as it soars

Your name calls the dead to life

There is none other mightier than your name, God

music: Phil Wickham “At Your Name” (Yahweh, Yahweh)

photo credit: Pinterest


In The Hours of Yearning 

Even in the shadows 

I hear the bird singing 

When you feel like shit

You need a good song

Angels and harps are at a distance 

But this bird with all rights reserved 

Sings a necessary song, perhaps just for me

God is all around in magnitude 

I lift my head to His ever present light in acknowledgement 

We walk by faith and not by sight

Sore eyes drop tears of angst 

The devil pokes and prod with a sharp stick

I think of myself as neither valiant or courageous 

Only a being  carry a lantern of understanding 

Asking God for a pinch of Solomon’s wisdom

photo courtesy of pixabay 


Dissolving Illusions 

Among the ruins 

Beauty found

The seed to rebuild anew 

Breathing new life into a deflated sky

Pumping new blood through the veins of the day

Resolve tested

Dissolving illusions 

Concrete thoughts poured to lay a new foundation 

Blessed are the poor at heart

Baptism of this new birth

The rain comes and washes away the debris 

With dirty hands and muddy feet

We toil away 

God is not a casual observer 

photo courtesy of pixabay 


Romantic Tuesday: Painting The Atmosphere

Thoughts crossing my mind

The river bends

The lantern floats along its path

The riverbed’s soil is fresh

The scent of roses in the air

Time is a delicate bridge

As we stand in the middle of flowing thoughts

The hope that awakens with us

The hope we carry throughout the day

Nurturing the roots to keep the petals alive

Hearts and minds synchronized

A petition to God for our day to come

The days are colored with and carry a familiar tone

The hope to laugh and cry as we decorate our home

And paint the atmosphere with the thoughts of our next dream

The scent of roses in the air


photo courtesy of pixabay



Leaps And Bounds 

There is nothing I want more 

Than to close the distance rapidly 

Free falling into the silence

No parachute, no wings

Building that bridge piece by piece

The flames of this last crusade engulf me

There are moments that I am mere ashes blowing in the wind

But faith always pulls me together 

And God teaches me to fly a little further each day

We continue to grow in this together 

By leaps and bounds

photo courtesy of pixabay