#MondayThought – Puzzle Pieces

 Hans-Peter Gauster at unsplash.com

Although the bigger picture might not be as clear, but when all the pieces come together, it will turn out more beautiful than imagined.

Point A to point B

Sometimes it sounds so easy

With each step comes a puzzle piece

Designed to fit perfectly nice and neat

And when the puzzle is complete

We’ll look back at out great feat

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*stay inspired and keep rising

*stay inspired and keep rising


Photo credit: Tommy at unaplash.com


A tiny spark can lead to a flame

A tiny spark can reheat your faith

A tiny spark can be the inspiration you need

It can come without notice

It can come without warning

A tiny spark can be a tap on the shoulder

God letting you know He has things under control

While He relights that flame of faith in your heart

The reminder that all things are possible

#MondayThoughts: Visionary



(especially of a person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.

Photo credit: Ran Berkovich at unsplash.com

Our dreams and goals require a lot of gusto, that vigorous energy to constantly propell us forward. Also, we need to see beyond the physical realm and believe in spite of what we see or perceive. Our disappointments shouldn’t break us but rather increase our believing in the possibility of our dreams and goals coming to fruition.

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We must develop visionary thinking. You can believe something so strongly in a negative or positive way, that it has an effect on how you go about living life and pursuing your dreams. We should let nothing deterr us but be a stepping stone to greater things. It can be easy to throw our hands in the air and convince ourselves we cannot make it or do it. It can be just as easy to get a grip on ourselves and say “Hey, I know I can do this. I know I can make it.”

We have to look further than that linear line that we believe will lead us to achievement, because the way is not always straight from point A to success. However, if we maintain our hope, faith and vision, we will undoubtedly achieve what we set out to do and hope for. Picture yourself in the scenario of where you want to be. Believe it to be reality in waiting an accept that you will be there. If you think “there’s no way,” then you are shutting the door.

Let your doubts fall like dominos, then sweep them aside.


*stay inspired and keep rising

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