God is the architect All specs and details Constructed to perfection All dreams preselected Customized, fitted and personalized Specifically for you No need to hassle or bargain It is a gift The enrichment of life Why settle for less? * photo credit:

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The Calm

Whenever life seems overwhelming Just pause for a moment Immerse yourself in the calm Embrace yourself tight Spirit to heart to soul All will be alright Immerse yourself in the light Darkness dares not tread Only dreams are illuminated And yours They will be brighter than ever * photo credit:

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I Trusted Him

“And for a brief moment I was lost, then I just looked up at the stars and danced.” The days were dark. I was lost, feeling disoriented. It was if the devil himself held his hand against my chest and pressed as hard as he could. In these days, I could not sleep, no appetite […]

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