Sometimes you have a feeling and you don’t know why

You just feel it until it passes


Empty halls

Empty rooms

Empty spaces

Silence in surround sound

Volume down

Only my face

Heart with no gravity

Low altitude

Still above this multitude

Of untraceable feelings


Sometimes you have a feeling and you don’t know why

You just feel it until it passes


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Here Is My Serenade

Standing at your balcony

Here is my serenade

Spilling ink from my heart

Words that never fade


I see the light in your window

Your silhouette appears

Words float like hot air balloons

Catching your joyful tears


The night is still young

The moon is wide awake

Our hearts are wired together

Feeling the electricity pulsate


No violin or guitar

The acoustics are from my soul

Here is my serenade

My heart, yours to have and to hold


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Never Sinking

Image result for black and white treading water

Friday feelings again

Sink or swim

Just treading water

No life guard

Swimming towards the shore

Mental backstroke

Face towards the sky

I see the shore in my mind’s eye

God tosses a life preserver

Thoughts back in order

Friday feelings again

Never sinking


photo credit: Digital Noir




Image result for anime blushing gif

Her cheeks turned slightly crimson

Her eyes widened with a subtle disbelief

“Just as You are.”

“I love you just as You are,” the words echoed in her ear drums

And bounced around the walls of her heart

Hearing the sincerity accompanying the words

Made them more than words

It steadied her 

She felt whole 


gif credit: Gfycat


So many stories unknown

Souls hidden behind closed doors

Alone with their feelings

Lecturing to the inanimate

Sitting or standing, trying to make sense of it

It being whatever is on the palate of thought

Life at a glance through uncovered windows

Cover my eyes so you can’t look into my soul

This time it has to be private


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Solace In A Song

Sunday morning

Finding solace in song

Silently singing along

Measuring the distance

From soul to soul

Pausing all life

This moment is yours

Now singing out loud

No faces in the crowd

No crowd at all

Just me and a song

I find solace in a song

Sunday morning

photo credit: pexels.com