The Mission 

Prim and proper Poised and ready to shine  On a heart stirring mission  A declaration of affection  Dressed in their best  Stunning elegance  Light awaiting to shine In the eyes of gratitude  • photo credit: Advertisements

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The Storyteller 

Old man telling stories in the park Some pass by  Some stop  And listen Tales woven together  Realistic spins about life Some wonder if his mind is spinning right Some just stand and enjoy  I listen and wonder many things My eyes fixated on the blue flowers stretching up  Not too far from him There […]

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Winter Escape

  Winter flowers I think of your name Even on the coldest day I can escape with you Though it may be in thought It is still beautiful Zipping up my coat a little higher Pulling my hat down to cover my ears My heart is warm inside   photo credit:  

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A Floral Wonderland

He held on to his dream so tight throughout the winter days and winter nights patiently waiting for the arrival of spring he remembered as a child his grandpa telling him of the magical rains of spring and simple and ordinary things would be made new and beautiful he remember his grandpa’s backyard full of […]

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