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The Mission 

Prim and proper

Poised and ready to shine 

On a heart stirring mission 

A declaration of affection 

Dressed in their best 

Stunning elegance 

Light awaiting to shine

In the eyes of gratitude 

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#Loveuary ❤ – Day 24 – Flowers 

My Sister Ritu has an open invitation prompt for the month of February with the theme being Love.


Beautiful blossomings

Wonderful sightings 

Heavenly scented 

An array of styles 

An array of fashions 

Meaningful existence 

Beautiful arrangements 

With love

From me to you 

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You can read Ritu’s post here❤-flowers/


The Storyteller 

Old man telling stories in the park

Some pass by 

Some stop 

And listen

Tales woven together 

Realistic spins about life

Some wonder if his mind is spinning right

Some just stand and enjoy 

I listen and wonder many things

My eyes fixated on the blue flowers stretching up 

Not too far from him

There is no moral to his stories 

Just an older gentleman who loves to talk 

Some pass by

Some stop 

And listen 


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The Flowers Would Grow Again, Someday

We knew someday

the flowers would grow again

We knew someday

the sun would rise again

Time has spun

Now it spins slowly

We treasure the absence of time lapses

Every moment of the day is grasped gently

Drinking our tears

We knew someday

the flowers would grow again

We knew someday

the sun would rise again

A toast to you and all that is beautiful

Is life filled with second chances?

Can we reclaim a romance buried long ago?

We were once stowaways at opposite ends of a ship

Preparing to throw our dead flowers into the sea

Deep down, we knew

the flowers would grow again



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Winter Escape


Winter flowers

I think of your name

Even on the coldest day

I can escape with you

Though it may be in thought

It is still beautiful

Zipping up my coat a little higher

Pulling my hat down to cover my ears

My heart is warm inside


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A Floral Wonderland

He held on to his dream so tight

throughout the winter days and winter nights

patiently waiting for the arrival of spring

he remembered as a child his grandpa telling him of the magical rains of spring

and simple and ordinary things would be made new and beautiful

he remember his grandpa’s backyard

full of beautiful and different flowers all over

how the mix of different flowers from a distance, look like a floral wonderland

and so he holds tight to a dream

in hopes that with the arrival of spring and those magical rains

he’ll have a backyard full of flowers, just as beautiful as his grandpa’s was

so each when he looks down from that great floral wonderland in heaven

his grandpa will have the biggest smile