#MondayThought – Puzzle Pieces

 Hans-Peter Gauster at unsplash.com

Although the bigger picture might not be as clear, but when all the pieces come together, it will turn out more beautiful than imagined.

Point A to point B

Sometimes it sounds so easy

With each step comes a puzzle piece

Designed to fit perfectly nice and neat

And when the puzzle is complete

We’ll look back at out great feat

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*stay inspired and keep rising

*stay inspired and keep rising

#MondayThoughts: Maintaining Focus

“It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.” — Bruce Lee

Distractions, distractions, distractions. The world is full of them, designed to take our focus off of what is really important or what we are trying to accomplish in a give moment. How often when we are working on something or starting something new that little things begin to throw us off track and at times get us completely involved in something else other than what we were working on?

Throughout the day there are lots of eye and thought candy thrown our way or our mind is cluttered with a “pick me, pick me” basket of thoughts. Some essential and some not all that important. We have to cut away the unnecessary fat and not chew on it. Declutter the mind and have a clear focus on what is at hand. At the same time we do not have to be so focus driven that we shut out enjoying life and give our inner being something to smile about. One day at a time, focus, live and move forward. Always be good to yourself.

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Monday Motivation: Mind Games

I’ve been watching the olympics when I have had the chance. Athletes from all across the globe, representing their country and showcasing their abilities and skills. 

It takes a lot of mental as well as physical preparation to compete at such a high level consistently. There were gold, silver and bronze medal finalists. I don’t believe there were any losers, with the exception of those that showed poor judgment and bad sportsmanship. 

Throughout the games and throughout life, the mind is consumed with so many thoughts. Questioning ourselves, seeking confidence, reassurance, doubt, fear and so many more micro thoughts. We do our best to process them all and keep our mind at a steady and smooth operating level. It can be a task with so many different influences and distractions around us.

Just like Olympic athletes focusing in on their goal of competing at their highest level, we have to find ways of focusing our minds to live at our highest level . We don’t want to psyche ourselves out of achieving our goals. It isn’t about how great the achievements are or how small. It is about you not allowing the negative influences and thoughts throw you off track from what you are hoping to achieve.

You do not have to be an Olympian to participate in life, especially your own. Stay inspired!


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Fragrance of A Thought

Alone in the dark

I sit

Trying to hold on to

the fragrance of a thought

Of you

A tear that I refuse to

let fall

Burns the corner of my eye

Don’t misinterpret

This isn’t sadness

This is a heart consumed

by love

Alone in the dark

I sit

No distractions

I focus the senses

To hear the sound of

your voice

To see your face

in the highest resolution

To smell the fragrance of

you skin

The power of the mind can be


But it will never compare to the power

of love

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