#RomanticTuesday: A Special Blend

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The alarm went off and I opened my eyes

I looked at the clock and it said “forever”

Went about my day

Dealing with whatever came my way

Thinking of you all during the day

And each time along the way of going about my day

When I looked at my watch, it said “forever”

You and I

We are a special blend

Hands held tenderly always remind me of

The miracle that is “Us” and “We”

Each time I look at the clock it is saying “forever”

This is Us

This is We

This is our Love

From Me to You

From You to Me



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#RomanticTuesday: Until….

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I love the story we are living

This story of love we are writing together

With each passing day we are growing closer

With each passing day I cannot imagine life and not being by your side

Your hand fits perfectly clasped with mine

Until the end of time

You are my sun at its highest peak

The light that guides my passage back home

Although the earth may beg to differ

You are never far

Because my heart beats stronger with you within it

You are never far

Thoughts of you swim deep in my mind

Your heart fits perfectly merged with mine

Until the end of time

I love this story of love we are writing together

It has no ending

We will live it out forever


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#RomanticTuesday: How Could I Love Another?

“I think perhaps I will always hold a candle for you – even until it burns my hand.
And when the light has long since gone …. I will be there in the darkness holding what remains, quite simply because I cannot let go.” 
― Ranata Suzuki

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How could I love another as I love you?

Under heaven’s watchful eyes

The heart is given

Together we reinvigorate life

As life reinvents itself

All encompassing love

Engulfing us

Burning away the excess of the past

Ashes we toss in the ocean

Love has blessed us with this new day

And in this new day and chapter


That I am forever yours


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#RomanticTuesday: Forever Defined


Turning the hourglass

Watching the grains of sand fall

Trying to hold on to forever


In you I define forever

Whenever I see you smile

Inspiration that infiltrates my heart

Giving added light to all that makes my day

Every day forever is redefine in your laugh

This bombastic explosion of joy

That shakes me at the core

A laugh which I adore highly

Because your joy is my purpose

A purpose that is the foundation of forever

The forever we share

One moment to the next

Defined and redefined

In you


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#MondayThoughts: Reality Check

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.

Chuck Palahniuk, Diary


The physical side of life will come to an end someday, a reality we all live with. When we are young this really doesn’t register, but as we become older our focus shifts to years, age and quality of life.

Seeing a loved one become sick, severely ill and near death’s door is a wake up call to the importance of appreciating the here and now. The there and later is not a given, it is not promised to us. So we must enjoy the people in our lives while they are here.


“We may not all achieve worldwide known status but the way our loved ones and those closest to us see us is akin to that status. How we live, how we choose to live and interact with others will be the legacy we leave behind.

We live on in this life in memories (good and bad). We cannot control how others perceive our lives but we can control the attitude we have towards life and what we project unto it. We receive reality checks at times to remind us of both the fragility, the preciousness of life and how things can change at any given moment. We all pass on yet we live forever.


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#RomanticTuesday: On Solid Ground

Silver linings

Pots of gold 

Buried treasure 

The miles we’ve walked

The winding roads 

The twists and turns

We have never turned away from this journey 

Call it fate, call it destiny 

Say it was meant to be 

We only know that love was the guide from the beginning 

And love will be our solid ground and guide


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The First Dance

Take my hand

This dance floor is ours

From the moment of your first smile

Life became new

Your second smile was a clue to something wonderful

As we take the first step to our dance

We dream the steps will be endless

A continuous circle of life and love

As beautiful as ring on your finger

Symbolically forever flowing


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All the walls have burned down

Open hearts


Vulnerabilities and all

Love is a fire

That consumes us


Polishing the hearts

We see through

What was once a dying flame

Has now become


The love that burns

Between me and you

A fire that consumes



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Mercy sought me out

The gentle hand of your being

I feel life waking from this slumber

Revealing eyes

Clearly filled with such light

I am humbled and free from a cave’s dwelling

We believe in the dream, as it manifests graciously

One heart, one thought

Always and forever have given way to eternally

What else can there be?

The reality has surpassed the dream that grew from this hope seed

Shooting stars with angel’s wings

Centered around divine truths written by God, daily

One moment at a time we discover all of what is to be

Hands clasped, we sail this river of mercy

Grace saw us through the darkness

Love will take us to where we are meant to be