Friday Inspiration: We Have An Awesome God

God is greater than

Any situation or circumstance

The skeptics choose not to believe

Content to drown in self misery

But I choose faith over disbelief

Knowing that God will supply all that I need

Photo credit: Pinterest

Friday Inspiration 2

However the events may unfold, God is telling a story and I believe the ending will be mind-blowing.”

Photo by Alexas Fotos from Pexels

Keep your heart and mind strong

Sometimes we have to walk through the fire

Or walk the high wire with no safety net

Fatigue will try to set in

But I will be damned if I allow giving up to become a trend

Seeing all things through until the end

Scripting a storybook ending

So divine

Heart and mind set

Faith primed

Not ever letting up

Middle finger up to all opposition

Made the decision long ago

Walls of Jericho coming down

The sun sitting up high like a guiding light

Living light living inside

Ass in gear on this path of freedom

Holding what’s important near and dear

Cannot wait to read the epilogue

God has written something beyond comprehension

Alive, living and breathing