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#Shadorma – Friday Strut

It’s Friday

Just strolling along

No worries

Thinking pink

Not really, just a good day

Good weekend to all!

photo credit: Pink Panther



4 Line Stories: Designer Genes 

Thought I was being smart when I cloned myself 

It was all good until we both showed up for work on Friday 

I was suspended without pay for two weeks 

I’m really going to have a good talk with myself this weekend 


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It Has Got To Be Friday 

On the road 

Joe Elliot from Def Leppard

Riding shotgun 

We debate if love bites or bleeds

I think he is ignoring me

Oh, I see 

He’s got the headphones on

Humming “It’s a beautiful day”

Didn’t know he was into U2, kind of cool

Long stretch of highway and the accelerator is down

No exit in sight 

Now he’s humming along with Sade

What year is it anyway?

Maybe I’m caught in some sort of time warp 

Either that or it’s Friday 

What a ride this is going to be

A long, long ride


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