Theodor Vasile at unsplash.com

We call it fascinating

This earth and sky

Colorful sunsets

Gentle sunrise

The rotation of planets

Evening meets night

Night greets morning

Hearts glowing with the stars

Hearts glowing from afar

We call this fascinating

The rotation of souls

Love being the sphere in between

Friday Inspiration: #HappyNewYear

As wave is driven by wave
And each, pursued, pursues the wave ahead,
So time flies on and follows, flies, and follows,
Always, for ever and new. What was before
Is left behind; what never was is now;
And every passing moment is renewed

– Ovid, Metamorphoses

Photo credit: Parco Chan at unsplash.com

As the veil is being lifted on a new year. My consistent prayer is that you are blessed with great health, happiness and an overabundance of love, joy and peace.

May you find your way through every dark passage, may you continue to be aware of your worth, may those you love be in good standing and those who feel they don’t need to be bothered with you left behind. I pray that in this new year, 2021, that your dreams come true or closer to fruition and that your goals are achieved, met or great strides are made towards them.

God over money

Faith over fear

Love surpasses all

Happy New Year and God bless always ❤️


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