The Sevens: Shooting Star

A shooting star travels the sky

Capturing the attention of my unsuspecting eyes

A wonderful surprise

This could be once in a lifetime

The moment not measured in philosophical pondering

Only an appreciation for God’s timing

And His ever present presence


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A Spirit of One

Bless my spirit to be one with you, God

Let this day be filled with light and love

God I know that you are everywhere at all times

Let your presence be known to those who are in silent anguish

Quiet the chaos of the troubled minds

Whose thoughts are like prickly thorns

Can I give you my eyes for guidance, God?

Direct me, in all that is life, in all that is good

Blessed every soul that crosses my path

Hear the inner voice of their soul

And the desires of the heart

Bless my spirit to be one with you, God

Fill me with all the fullness of you

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Burnt Offerings

To stand in your glory

I can hardly find the words of praise

How my soul lights up

With the dvinest and vibrant colors in your presence God

Illuminate this humble spirit for your purpose

In you, I find refuge and rest

A temple to rest my feet

Where my spirit drinks of your living water

To stand in your glory

Is to walk the parted Red Sea

Filled with the spirit of life

The colors of your mercy and loving kindness

Are truly astonishing

Accept these words, God

As my burnt offerings

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Donos da Noite Radio Produtora

A Beautiful Blessing

God you speak

I hear and I see

My refuge and strength

Reminding me of this wonderful light inside

Delivering joy, when I feel weak

Picking me up again and again

I stand in your glorious presence

Standing in the essence of the heaven I will see, someday

Today, I praise you

I thank you for all things and all you do

Unconditionally loving me

Your love is unfailing

A blessing which is so beautiful

photo credit: black-and-whitephotos.blogspot.com1024 

Beautiful Rainbow Black and white photography with color

Photo Series #1: Welcome Home

driveway to my house

I walk this road alone

but I’m never really alone

your presence felt, surrounding me

the trees form a canopy

providing shade from the sun, here and there

it’s about a mile walk to the main highway

a serene journey

nature proudly displaying herself

as I walk,  I think , I dream, I breathe

the road is not paved with yellow bricks

yet this dirt road is still so enchanting

surrounded by the presence of God

this road leads to home

plus, I have three cats always to accompany me

such a serene journey


photo courtesy of: Rebecca Scarberry  @Scarberryfields

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