#Haiku – Speaking Volumes

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With all that you do

There is true significance

Grace is a soft voice

A Gift Beyond Compare

Riches and glory will fade but love is everlasting. Love is the ultimate gift, never short of extraordinary…

You are a gift


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#RomanticTuesday: Quiet Treasures

Quiet is this Christmas Eve

A time to give thanks and reflect

To the heart of my life

There is more to our story left to write

And though the miles stretch the distance

Our hearts are never distant

And you are more present than ever

On this Christmas Eve


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Mighty Thankful

Gratitude, man

That’s what it’s all about

There are a lot of things

I could be without

And I know there are some things

I could live without

But those are the blessings

That come with counting your blessings

That’s what causes your cup to overflow


I am always thankful

Because to be without

And not be able to do a thing about it

Is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place

And they are both squeezing tight

Gratitude, man

That’s what it’s all about

A smile

A laugh

A photo

A call

A text

A hug

A word

A thought






I am mighty thankful

I am mightily blessed

Regardless of how things look

Regardless of how things feel

Gratitude will always be the coating sealed around my heart

And the attitude that fills my soul


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#RomanticTuesday: From The Heart

“Thank you”


Always from the heart

Where we start

Where everything starts

I hear you and I listen

Absorbing your thoughts, feelings and emotions

With my heart

Every tear that you have cried

Every moment of loneliness day or night

Every deep breath and sigh

I apologize

Thank you for you

Thank you for your heart so true

For all that you do

There is no measure to my gratitude

And no peak to the altitude

Of my love for you

Always from the heart


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Embracing Light

I have always seen the light in your eyes and how it reflects the light in your life. As you continue to unearthed the treasures within you, I only see you moving closer and closer towards whom you were created to be…

This beautiful living light

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A Weight of Gratitude

More of the bigger picture revealed

Snatches the breath from the body

Exhilarating heart, mind and soul

Awareness of what is and not only what could be

But of what will be

Reinforcement of what is believed

Heaviness of chest, not of stress

Just so much gratitude


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