#Haiku – Booster Shot

Thank you for people

Who show up at the right time

To boost your spirit

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels


#RomanticTuesday: Calendar Days

Thinking of you brightens the light on the horizon when missing you runs deep.”

Looking at these calendar days

And how they fade into yesterday

I think about how I thought of you in those days

And how they culminated into how I think of you today

Thoughts springing forth from love

With how much love? I cannot tell

Far beyond the heart can measure, this I know

With each calendar day that comes to life

The life within this love constantly grows

I miss you dear, I know that you know

Sighs heard in the still of the night

Breath even more life into the gratitude of having you

The calendar days will be ours completely someday

Photo by Kévin Dorg from Pexels

#ThoughtfulThursday: Simplicity

Looking at morning dew serenading on the petals of flowers is an ecstatic moment! This makes us realise that it is the simple pleasures of life that give us the most happiness!

– Avijeet Das

photo credit: pexels.com

#FridayFeeling: You Know

How you inspire

Light this fire

Fuel the desire

Take me higher

Higher than I’ve known

The things you’ve shown

A sacred zone

A seed that’s grown

Grown in love

Gift from above

Heart like a dove

Circle of love


gif credit: Tumblr

#FridayFeeling: Another Setting Sun

Folding the moment and putting it away

Fading light, only for the day

Evening shades are closed and the sun is tucking itself in

I sit at the staircase absorbing it all

The pendulum of time swings back and forth

All we can do is continue to chisel away

Day to day, night by night

Until the waterfall flows freely and the oasis is pure

I can only imagine how the setting sun will look on that day


photo credit: Canvas – pexels.com

#RomanticTuesday: “Hello, Dear”

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“Hello, dear”

Using my heart to paint broad strokes

At times my eyes get watery and I feel a lump my throat

When what you know flows overwhelmingly

That mixture of love and gratitude that soaks me to the soul

I do not know if things are meant to be

I do believe that this kind of fortune touches your heart once or twice in life

Hopefully I can give you the best of all of me

And we can add a flavor to each other’s lives that nothing short of extraordinary

All done and expressed lovingly

To the highest degree and then some

My heart will never be able to describe what is beyond description

And that is this love we have been gifted

Which to each other we give and receive

Even with feet on the ground it is like a river’s flow

Constant in movement

Always stirring in heart and soul


photo credit: Shutterstock