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Instrumental – Greg Howe “Morning View”

GregoryGregHowe (born December 8, 1963) is an American guitarist and composer. As an active musician for nearly thirty years, he has released eight studio albums in addition to collaborating with a wide variety of artists.

*source: wikipedia


Instrumental: Adrian Legg “Nanci”

Adrian Legg is an English guitar player who has been called “impossible to categorize”. He plays custom guitars that are a hybrid of electric and acoustic, and his fingerstyle picking technique has been acknowledged by the readers of Guitar Player who voted Legg the “best acoustic fingerstyle” player four years in a row (1993–1996).


His Heart’s Song

He picked it up and blew the dust off the case

It had been sitting in the corner for some time now

His acoustic guitar

Hadn’t touched it since that day

When one heart grew wings and flew away

That last time he played

I wonder if it was the mood of the evening

Maybe it was thoughts of her catching up with him, reminiscing

For whatever reason, he wanted to play

An instrumental ballad in which his heart picked the strings

An improvisational soul piece

As he began, emotions flooded over him

His tears would fall, landing on the body of the guitar

He would play on and allow his heart to sing its song

When the last note was picked and the last of many tears fell

He packed his guitar away, sighed and took a deep breath

Maybe it was closure or maybe it was hope that his heart would grow wings too

But he knew this wasn’t the end of his heart’s song

And he and his guitar would get together soon again

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