#MondayThoughts: Healing Needed

And I want to heal the world by my words.
– Avijeet Das

Photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels

When you have the time, take a moment and pause. Say a prayer, send out positive vibrations and energy, exhibit kindness and love.

Our world today collectively an individually is in need of healing. There is a thin layer of darkness covering the world at the moment and we need to continue to spread goodness, light and love.

Photo credit: Pinterest

We all get down at some point

Just don’t stay down

Lift yourself up and lift someone with you

If you are living and breathing

Then hope can be alive and well within

*stay inspired and keep rising

The Sun and The Tree

That which is must be lived

Until the signal switch signals time to shift direction

No amount of anticipation can prepare you for this lesson

Feet wading in water

Just believe and step out on to it

Patient crows wait for the farmer’s seeds

Be careful what you sow

For the benefits you shall reap

Maybe this is my golden harvest

Crops born out of agony

Because I didn’t avoid the hardest

Roots grounded deep in truth and light

Branches always stretching towards the light

Angels stand behind the sun holding flaming torches

No power failure in spirit

I’m always provided with spiritual reinforcement


photo credit: Sunil Patel – pexels.com

#RomanticTuesday: No Broken Hearts Tonight



Was it by chance?

Did fate guide us to this moment?

A captivating romance

Our souls partaking in this elegant waltz

No broken hearts tonight

Truthful love becomes a healing light

The healer of longing hearts

Never mind what was

Here we are now

Was it by chance?

At every glance of you, my spirit soars in thankfulness

We do not dwell on chances missed

We lose ourselves in the dreams of united love

A captivating romance

Long awaited

We’ve accepted whole and graciously

No broken hearts tonight

Only love



photo credit: pexels.com


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