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The Light of Thankfulness


Treasures come and go. Some are lost and never found. Some are buried and forgotten. Blessings to the heart that has and the heart that receives. Blessings to the heart that is cherished and the soul that is nourished. If it is but for one moment of one day, let it be as a thousand moments and a thousands. A treasure which will forever be held in the light of thankfulness.


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We will never be without a heart

We share one

The flow of love never disrupted

Time cannot interrupt its beating

Life is made of interchangeable parts

But we can no longer fit with any other

We are one and if part of us hurts

It is felt within the other

Under one sun and sky

Under one moon and night

We will never be without a dream

Always and forever

We will share one



At day’s end

Reality settles in

Disillusionment and illusions cast away 

Internal reorganization in process 

Serene transition 

Adherence to a soul beloved 

At the gateway , I begin once again 

There is no unknown 

Everything of worth is stored in the heart 

A lesson well learned 

At day’s end

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#Shadorma – And Live

“Absence can be temporary, love can be everlasting.”

Dawn of day

It is not easy

I am here

Love is here

A strong thunder in my heart

Awake and present 

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The Brightness

This sandstorm of thoughts appears to be clearing

Up ahead looks like some sort of brightness

My feet sink in the sand with each step I take

But this brightness draws me near

The after affects of being disoriented attempt to confuse me

I am not worried because, my mind never lost rational thinking

And my heart had enough fire to keep my soul from becoming cold

The brightness gives me a feeling of weightlessness

Unshackling my inner being

The brightness is what saved me

The sandstorm dissipates quietly

I gave away life to allow life to be


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