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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.



What does a second chance bring?

Sight to blind eyes

That have long since shut out the world

Barbwire cut from around the heart

To allow it to be touched

Do we wait for tomorrow?

Or do we search for meaning

In why the coming together of our hands

Raises our souls from the tombs of the forgotten?

We prepare to decode the writings on the wall of our hearts…


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From the moment the flame took life


From the moment love took this form

And made a home inside of us

A burning flame



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Romantic Tuesday: I Hope You Understand


Did I say what I wanted to say?

Not withhold words from you in any way


Express how I felt with a gentle touch

With a soft caress demonstrating just how much


No matter how the world expands

Never letting loose of your hand


Did I give you my voice, when it you needed to hear?

I hope I have never withdrawn from you or disappeared


In this life I understand

In this life I am just a man

In the life I hope you understand

In this life with you I’ll always stand


Were my arms strong enough to make you feel secure?

Assuring you that through it all we would endure


I want you to know that it’s not about me

In this love there is always a capitalized WE


Did I give you authenticity today?

Not nothing other than my true face


Leaving nothing to chance or regret

Loving you as if it is the first time we’ve met


In this life I understand

In this life I am just a man

In the life I hope you understand

In this life with you I’ll always stand


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Dislocated Souls


I will meet you on the other side

Of this great divide

Dislocated souls

In need of relocating

Days stretched for miles

And miles, and miles

On the open road the acoustics sound thin

They would sound better if you were near

Who really knows

How far we must go

All we really know

Is this is the road

We must follow


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I Believe We Can Still Waltz


Am I out of time?

Or am I right on time?

Is time relevant at all?


You sit there



Time is at a standstill

Take my hand

I believe we can still waltz

Life is no longer a broken record

Filled with selected days of happiness

Take my hand

Lets carve out our own niche

Leave our initials etched in stone

A relic to be found by other lovers someday


I believe

We have all that we need

Two heart that pump with life

Two minds that feed the imagination

We can sit if you like

There’s no need to rush

We can hush the world

And wear intimacy like a cotton sweater

The streets have no name, I’m not paying attention

You have my undivided attention

You always have


Time is irrelevant


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Sharpening The Contrast


Once more

Reshaping the course of the day

Forming new thoughts

That lead me away

Rain tapping on the window

No color to my pondering

An insomniacs dream

No details to its meaning

I see an opening in this ceiling of thought

Words cascading down waterfalls

Swimming together and trying to make sense of it all

Meanwhile, I recall earlier tic tocs  and beatings of my heart

When the pulse of the day had much color

But what can I do?

Just sharpen the contrast of these black and white thoughts

And sing along to any song that understands what I’m feeling


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