#RomanticTuesday: Garden Of Thoughts

“Our love is like a safe deposit box in which our hearts are secure, safe and sound.”

photo credit: Pixabay

Memories are seeds

We have planted them with love

Beautiful garden


Love is in motion

We soar as its passengers

Touching wings, we fly


You are a blessing

This I will always treasure

My love is for you

#RomanticTuesday: Shades of Red

“I believe we’d make every day special.”

gif credit: Anime Animo

Love has no ordinary days

It expresses itself in very special ways

Far beyond the material exchanges

It stirs the heart and rearranges

I remember when and how we first met. The magic of fairy tales was in the atmosphere. As clear as a morning bird’s song, I knew there was something special about you. You felt so familiar to me as if I had lived a thousand lives and knew you in each one. With each interaction I soaked in the divine wonder of it all. Little did we know that love was the source of it all and remains at the core to this present day.

Looking fowardr to our everyday

And how we will decorate it in our way

Love will always have its place

Because it will always occupy every space

Painting the walls of our hearts and home

In one another’s hearts we will always be home

#RomanticTuesday: Heartwarmer

“With you, love continuously breathes new life into our lives.”

Photo by Cindy Malette from Burst

Like a warm summer sun

You bring everyday warmth to my heart

Nothing can eclipse your love

God is truly good

Hopefully I am appreciating you as much as I should

And then some

My love for you rises with each new morning

It never sets like the evening sun

Only lingers in your sky to admire you always

And as I fall asleep

The constant dream that brings us together, gives me peace

I breathe you in with all my senses

Holding your cheek in my palm

Feeling the warmth of your being

As your love warms my heart