The Acoustics of Love

The acoustics of your heart are so beautiful. Soundwaves of love reverberating through me. I love to listen as you speak, not just with voice, but with all that comes from your heart. With you I understand the blessing of sight and sound….

Our love having enhanced them both

Photo by Kostas Irina from Pexels


#Haiku – Super!

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No ego involved

Don’t underestimate you

When it is all heart


photo credit: Wow Amazing

#RomanticTuesday: This Is Why My Heart Beats

“I didn’t make a wish, God understood my heart and then you appeared.”

No day is ordinary

I see light behind the routine

Life is not ordinary

You have given it new meaning

A breath of fresh air that fills my soul

The zest for life is big and bold

New eyes

New heart

New thoughts spark in my mind

This love to be blessed with was a beautiful find

No average day since you appeared

And this sense of wonder has made it clear

That you are once in a lifetime

Thank you for shining in my lifetime

My heart beats for you

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There is a part of me pinching myself to see if I am dreaming, but I always come back to the truth that you are a living dream, so very much alive as a part of me. Quintessential love. To have the one that you had long dreamed of for so long surpasses amazing. Another level of gratitude that only increases over time.  In that moment when you entrusted me with your heart, I committed to guarding it for life…..

With my life


photo credit: Wallpaper Maiden

It Is All Relevant

So many stories being told

So many being silenced by silent mics

Drowned out by earbuds and headphones

Can you hear me?

Is the audience listening?

Keep telling your story

Until the metaphors and allegories are understood

Someone needs to hear what you have to say

Go on, I’m listening


photo credit: Paula Schmidt