#RomanticTuesday: Mainstay

“In the twilight of loving you, I will still be captivated by your soul’s light.” On numerous occasions I have paused the world To sink deeper into gratitude for you You being in my life is one thing You being my life is a higher level of awareness I find in everyday, a new way […]

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Once all the chains become undone The treasure chest will be unlocked and opened And all held sacred will come to life The surrounding world taking on a new life The merging of two earths¬† Coming to fruition Spirit and mind Heart and soul * photo credit: Shutterstock      

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Rain Sun Clouds Rain Partly sunny Love is better than fertilizer Amazing what can grow Weeds cannot even get a stranglehold Rain comes… Is it the storm before the calm? Sun comes… The warmth is so endearing Clouds come… Slick sun stealing thieves I pay no attention, the sun is in my heart Love is […]

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