To Never Part

No more waving goodbye. This is what we not only dream but strive for. To catch a glimpse of your face through sleepy eyes, whether morning or middle of the night, will tell me that everything is alright. Watching as the planes fly by overhead, it will be a wonderful feeling knowing that neither you or I are up there, but grounded together…..

And never parting ways again


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#RomanticTuesday: Home, Is You

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Wherever you may be

That is my home

You bring such life and light to time and space

Filling each with something more than wonderful

When I turn and you are not there

Then I know that I am not home

Home is where your presence is a mainstay

And your essence lingers in permanence

You have taken permanent residence in my heart

Which longs to be home with you

Wherever you will be will always be home to me


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Sight Lines

Distant is the star

That hangs in my sight lines

Brewing up a familiar feeling in my heart

Am I a stranger in these once worn surroundings

That do not seems to fit anymore

Eyes keep glancing at that distant star

Like a child fixated with a star atop the Christmas tree

Sensing the wonder of its sparkle

All the while feeling this warmth rise in my soul

Perhaps there I’m not a stranger


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Until I Have Nothing


Invisible line stretched out

Threaded hopes hanging tight

Giving a middle finger to the doubts

The heart is suffering

I’ll give all until I have nothing

Six feet under and still loving

But it’s not that time yet

Eyes following the path of birds flying by

The waters down below don’t offer a landing strip

So I won’t land either

Until it is at home’s doorstep

Then these wings of mine can finally rest


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Lost Confessions

(Excerpted from a recently discovered letter..undated.)

My dearest love,

I can only hope the stars that I chose and sent to you continue to hold their shine. I look at the gaping hole in the night sky and miss the light of you emit in our everyday. I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits. I myself, am of good liveliness within as thoughts of you carry me through this prolonged separation. The villagers here have been welcoming and generous in kindness. We can only hope that our efforts here are successful and help in the restoration and development of this and surrounding villages. The freedom fighters have long since left.

I know that in each letter I tell you but I cannot let this letter leave my hands without expressing to you how much I miss the presence of your being and the point of peace you represent in my life. I miss our little home and every thing that sits in its proper place there. Upon my return we shall sit close to the fireplace wrapped in a blanket, reacquainting our souls. Always know, my love that there is nowhere that I’d rather be than home with you.

Perhaps this will be my final mission abroad. The spectrum of settling down and living out our days together, grows larger..

The Right Direction

Sun rising on our right

A reflection of the direction were going

The right direction

Light on every horizon

No matter how many bends in the road

We turn with them

Because this road leads home

And the light directs us

It may be a long drive

But we’ll arrive

Home, together


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