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#RomanticTuesday: Your Voice 

Your voice is soothing 

A calmness away from a noisy world

The way you laugh

Ignites an abundance of joy in my heart 

Your words hold me captive 

Allowing me to dream along with you 

Your tone is that of such a love filled and loving soul

Sweet sensibility to my ears an on to my soul

Your voice is love awakening in each new day 

And no matter where time places us 

Your voice is the sound of home

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Away From Home

Iraqi Freedom

One thought beats strong

Thundering in my heart

Thoughts of home

The aroma of home cooking

The sound of the sweetest voice I have ever known

Far away

But the echoes are loud within

Conjuring up images of the embodiment of love

And the home I will be returning to

One day soon….


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I stood at that gate

As I had done many a day before

Thinking this the day I would go home

But no one would come

As was the case many a day before

Inside they say I am no ordinary man

I no longer debate with the white coat holding a

recorder in his hand

With each visit to my room, he cannot understand how my

mind expands

Please God, don’t let them sedate me again

The white coats don’t understand what it is like

to feel nothing

I stood at that gate

As I had done many a day before

A slightly blurred image hangs in my mind

Arms welcoming me home

But no one would come…

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Utterances From Home


Had been adrift for so long

The compass in my mind could not find home

Heart with thirst and waiting to be filled

Lost reflections hording the sun

I am one

Adrift in a forgotten sea

Delirious and clinging to a light in the sky

Utterances from home whisper to me


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One of These Days…


Leave the light on for me dear

One of these days

I’ll be home

Been listening to the sun and moon for so long

Telling me stories morning, noon and night

It’s alright, keeps my mind occupied

Hand on my heart, feeling you inside

thinking to myself and repeating that last line

Thank you for all that shines

You know silent days can bring about tough times

Leave the light on for me dear

One of these days….


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