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Music heals

Music touches the heart

Music vibrates in the soul

Music causes the spirit to soar

Music embraces

Music can make the world fade away

Music is her

Music is him

Music is their song

Music is Love

Music syncs to your every heartbeat

Thank God for the gift of music


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A tiny spark can lead to a flame

A tiny spark can reheat your faith

A tiny spark can be the inspiration you need

It can come without notice

It can come without warning

A tiny spark can be a tap on the shoulder

God letting you know He has things under control

While He relights that flame of faith in your heart

The reminder that all things are possible


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Life can be rich

With either joy or pain

Or even some combination of both

Open hearts can be vulnerable

But if your heart is closed are you really absorbing life

God knows I am trying

My open heart absorbing it all

And I am painting on this canvas

With heart, mind, spirit and soul

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