Wednesday Surprise 

A Wednesday surprise  From my little girl’s mind She took me by the hand  Pulled me from deep thoughts About the next set of stanzas  And next set of verses I could write She took me to her fantastic world Where fairies fluttered around Where princesses were a common sight She poured me a cup […]

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The Window 

My window to the world  All that can be Hope is the sky in my mind I fill it with all that I can imagine  Our village plundered  By monsters disguised as men Many of my friends taken  away  Disappearing forever Or turned into monsters by force I pray to the God that makes thunder […]

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Keep Them Human

Let them have their imagination Feed their creativity Give them the freedom To grow up beautifully Nurture their spirits Don’t leave them out in the cold Keep their souls warm inside So their lives can shine wonderfully Lift the children up so that they can grow up And be human ~ photo credit:

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