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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


4 Line Stories: Her Royal Highness


I do not know if it was happily ever after

But in this moment, it was always and forever

The princess destined to be crowned queen

Her  imagination still intact and untainted


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Wednesday Surprise 

A Wednesday surprise 

From my little girl’s mind

She took me by the hand 

Pulled me from deep thoughts

About the next set of stanzas 

And next set of verses I could write

She took me to her fantastic world

Where fairies fluttered around

Where princesses were a common sight

She poured me a cup of magical tea

And I began to see the bright pink and powder blue fireworks above

She told me her tea was made of honey dipped love

I have to admit I felt a sweet joy inside 

We laughed as we rode upon winged unicorns 

The fairies managing to keep in stride 

When we landed, my little girl gave me the biggest hug

And ask “did you have fun daddy?”

“Daddy had soooooo much fun,” I replied

“Thank you for my Wednesday surprise,” I said through the biggest smile

“I like seeing you smile, daddy,” she said with the most purest sentiments 

Nothing seemed so important anymore 

I swooped her up and we went for another ride on those winged unicorns 

With fluttering fairies close behind 



The Window 

My window to the world 

All that can be

Hope is the sky in my mind

I fill it with all that I can imagine 

Our village plundered 

By monsters disguised as men

Many of my friends taken  away 

Disappearing forever

Or turned into monsters by force

I pray to the God that makes thunder

To strike these villains down 

Bring peace to our village again

Looking through my window

The sun is high and bright

I hear my friends playing and laughing 

Neighbors visiting one another

No shadows lurking 

No bullets putting holes in the sky

Everyone is happy 

Everyone is safe

Wait a second….

I have to be quiet now

I think I hear the monsters coming

Closing my window for a little while


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Keep Them Human

Let them have their imagination

Feed their creativity

Give them the freedom

To grow up beautifully

Nurture their spirits

Don’t leave them out in the cold

Keep their souls warm inside

So their lives can shine wonderfully

Lift the children up so that they can grow up

And be human

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