#RomanticTuesday: Unwavering

“I love you and that’s the beginning and end of everything.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Picture perfect photo stills

Hang in my heart like a gallery

Your laughter, your smile, your tears

Your ups and your downs

I embrace and treasure them all

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For you, my love

My love doesn’t waver

No second guessing or odd behavior

Appreciating you more with each passing day

Very thankful for the moment you came my way

Not planning on letting you slip away

Loving you totally beyond my dying day

To you, my love

I will always be true

This true love doesn’t exist without you

#RomanticTuesday: Your Fragrance

“Your voice always causes me to smile.”

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Your fragrance is everywhere

Sometimes I have to stop and stare

To see if you are around

Nothing can compare

Thoughts of you take me higher

Way above the highest mountain’s peak

Feels like I’m touching a clear blue sky

My, my, my

How your fragrance speaks to me

So intimately

Blowing kisses to you, my dear

Your fragrance which embodies you

I feel so near

Disappearing in these thoughts of you

Smiling, as I am filled with fragrance of you

#RomanticTuesday: Shine Through

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If I could have it all

Would it really be all

If it does not include you

Sun reflects off window

Light reflects through

Lighting up the room

Looking into your eyes

I see your soul through and through

I admire the stories your soul has to tell

I understand the unspoken words

Once light breaks through it never fades

Unconditional love will always shine through

#RomanticTuesday: Potpourri (What Your Love Means)

Photo by Anastasia Sklyar on Unsplash

Divine butterfly

Soaring with an angel’s wings

Your sky adores you


The ocean

doesn’t come close to your heart

so deep

so vast

so wide

so beautiful

The ocean doesn’t come close…..


Your embrace like heaven

Always a fortress of peace

I sink into you


Love is God

Love is You

Love is You and I

Love is forever, eternal

Love is us, forever, eternal


When I think of you

My heart speaks of the blessing

Of you in my life


#RomanticTuesday: Untainted Beauty

“I have always looked at you from the inside out and yet they enhance each other greatly.”

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The perfect view is through your eyes

I get to see this enhanced view of life

The curtains are open and the light pours in

Painted portraits from your heart’s perspective

Together we voyage towards this beautiful landscape

Where we are free

Free to live as one in this love as it is meant to be

There is so much untainted beauty within your soul

Let love bring us closer

And heaven favors us as we grow old together

#RomanticTuesday: My Winter Rose

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom.

-Matshona Dhliwayo

My winter rose

Your fragrance is hope throughout all seasons

To witness your petals unfold as you grow into your own

This is a blessing to me

There is no aim to suffocate or mold you

Only provide fresh air to breathe

Glistening with light

Radiant from love

This is what I love to witness

My winter rose

Always in bloom

In every season you are loved

Just as You are

Embracing Light

I have always seen the light in your eyes and how it reflects the light in your life. As you continue to unearthed the treasures within you, I only see you moving closer and closer towards whom you were created to be…

This beautiful living light

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#RomanticTuesday: The Whole of You

“I see the leaves changing colors and I love how you are blossoming.”

There are many layers to you

I love them all even before discovering them all

Should it take a lifetime then let it be so

I only know that you are everything to me

And everything thing about you I embrace wholeheartedly

How could I not love the whole of you

Seeing your roots and how firmly they are entrenched

Seeing you branch out into your own special being

And my, how lovely the many colors of your inner being continue to show themselves beautifully

I so love discovering the layers of you

And loving them all

I will always love the whole of you

Photo by Cxpturing Souls from Pexels