#MondayThoughts: Rising Above The Turbulence

With inner peace, you are undisturbed by outside turbulence.

Lailah Gifty Akita


Lets just say I survived.

The day can start off good, you are actually looking forward to a nice and peaceful flow of the day. Then all of a sudden….

The day takes a dark turn and you find yourself right smack dab in the middle of a turbulent situation. Tempers flaring, the volume of the voice is turned up to the last notch, harsh and cutting words are barked out. There goes your nice and peaceful day right out the window.

It is the hardest thing to ignore abusive language and behavior, especially when it is directed at you. Our first instinct may be to snap back or fight fire with fire, or we might get so bombarded we are just trying to shield ourselves from the verbal onslaught. Trying to take the high road or rise above this turbulence seems almost impossible in the thick of the moment.


There is no reason for anyone to be subjected to abusive behavior. If someone is frustrated with their life, they should not take their frustrations out on someone else. I know that there are times when someone needs to release what is troubling them inside but there is a difference between seeking support and dropping hurtful bombshells.

What is the greater strength? A fist, a “right back at you” reaction or a “I’m not going to allow you to demean me” attitude. They all carry a certain strength and defiance. They all have their place depending on the situation. We can only do our best to do what is right (what we believe is right). There is no clear cut path for which action to take, it depends on our own individual nature. When turbulence rises in your life in whatever way, the way you handle it is your decision.

Lets just say, I survived.


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Motivation Monday: Recharge


The days can be long. Long work hours. Long hours taking care of the household. Long hours striving to live and dealing with everything that comes with each new day. Some days are spent running on empty, pushing ourselves to get as much done as quick as possible. Days crammed and stuffed with things to do.

What about you?

Are you taking care of yourself? Making sure you are keeping your batteries charged? As busy as we find ourselves, we need to make sure we give ourselves some recharge time. Disconnect from the daily grind , when time permits, or make the time. We do what we have to do to make ends meet. We just need to make sure we are doing what we can to keep ourselves mentally, physically and spirituality fresh


Read a book, listen to music, do crafts, pray, or meditate. What ever helps you to recharge and refresh yourself, take the time to do it and keep your inner scale balanced.
“Renew energy, revive strength.” 
― Lailah Gifty AkitaThink Great: Be Great!

Thoughtful Thursday: Willpower

“There are tomorrows on their way worth the struggles of today. Never give up.”
Richelle E. Goodrich


Mother and Daughter by Edi Valcheva on 500px

Monday Motivation: Facing The Challenges

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”
Roger Crawford

Life is filled with so many challenges and there are times when they seem to come back to back to back, non-stop. We can either fold up our tent and go home or we can stand our ground and meet every challenge head on. In this day and age, we have the resources and tools available to overcome just about any challenge presented towards. I am not naïve in thinking that there are certain challenges that present a higher degree of difficulty, such as certain illnesses and or conditions of living. My point is that we have a built in survival instinct mode that we have the option of turning on. The choice is yours!

Whatever challenges we face in life and there are a variety of them, we can decide whether to lay down and get bulldozed over, or we can choose to put forth our best effort to overcome any and every difficult situation. Allow everyday to be the day you decide to give yourself a chance at life and living the best possible life that you can achieve.

Don’t worry about statistics and what “they say”. Who are “they” anyway? Stay inspired! Believe in you! God does 24/7!



*music credit: Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers “I Won’t Back Down”

*photo credit: www.mormonchannel.org

*quote: Roger Crawford

The Strength of Us

This is the strength of us

Facing everything together

And never giving up

Once in a lifetime

True love finds a place to shine

In the heart

In the soul

In hands clasped tight

Love shines

Whatever comes

Whatever you face

Face it together

One heart

One soul

Allow love to be bold

God is love

Love has no fear

Allow it to shine

To light your path clearly

This is the strength of us

Hands clasped tight

One heart

One soul

Facing everything



photo credit: actlikeaman.org

Words For You

You can bend

and not break

the air of negativity

might be strong sometimes

but the winds will shift

and if you lose a few petals

don’t worry

that’s God

helping you to shed

some dead weight

~ photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com



The bars seem so very real
A confining space of cold steel

You plot and plan to make your escape
Only to feel like you’ve been stood up on all date

Scratching off another day on the wall of your mind
Asking God “How could you be so unkind? ”

Not aware that He believes in you
Longing to help you believe in you too

Another day goes by
So many have flown by
You wait in hope of change

You shake your fists to the sky
You cry out “Why?!”
Yet, the prison still remains

But God, who is loving and kind
Reveals the prison is in your mind

Therein lies the breakthrough
Now, just step right on through

God has always believed in you
It is time for you
To start believing in you, too

Photo credit: http://www.davidgould.com



More of you

Flood me with more of you, God

Flood me with your love

Let my heart burst at the seams

Flood me with your compassion

Let it spill out into the streets

Flood me with grace and mercy

Filling my mind with thoughts of what you’ve done for me

Flood me with hope

Show the world why you should never give up


More of you, God

Flood me with more of you

And when my floodgates open

Life will know

The reason why

You are such a beautiful God


photo credit: jta021.deviantart.com

open the flood gates of heaven by jta021


Are You An Underdog?


What does it mean to be an underdog?

Is someone telling you there’s something you cannot do?

Maybe you’re not favorite to accomplish a goal or task

Not many people really believe in you

But that should suit you just fine

Twice the effort, twice the time

Do you believe in you?

The only question that really matters

Tap, tap, tap

Until the glass ceiling shatters

Call me an underdog

And I just take it in stride

I believe all underdogs

Are super people, inside


photo credit: www.moviefancentral.com


Reservoir (Beautiful Energy)

Didn’t have the strength to pick up a pen

then a friend came and gave me a hug

and then a smile

it resonated deep inside

tapping into a reservoir of beautiful energy

that began to flow throughout me

body and spirit

heart and soul

drops of inspiration rain in my mind

I stand and let the drizzling waters of creativity caress my face

looking at the blank paper, I smile

because I see you my friend and as I pick up my pen

I send you poetic hugs and smiles

for giving my soul a reason to smile