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It’s Raining Smiles Today


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Smiles that fall like rain

A shower of heartfelt happiness

Clouds of joy

Producing smiling raindrops

Washing over me

Touching the core of my being

Smiles that flood my mind

Uplifting me spiritually

I love standing in this downpour

My heart dances in every puddle

With each drop that touches my face

I give a huge smile

Because the raindrops

Are smiling at me today


Thank you Belinda – busymindthinking, for the inspiration



We’ll Make It Back To Shore

Without hesitation

I dived in

To the deep

I plunged

You were drowning

in despair

How could I just stand

on the shoreline?

I know what it’s like to be

at the bottom of a well

And wonder if anyone will

hear your cries for help

So, I dive into despair

with you

Hoping we’ll tread water

And somehow

make our way back to shore

Either way

You won’t have to go through this