Instrumental: Guthrie Govan “Emotive Ballad”

Guthrie Govan (born December 27, 1971) is an English guitarist and guitar teacher, known for his work with the bands The Aristocrats, Asia, GPS, The Young Punx and The Fellowship, as well as his solo project Erotic Cakes. More recently, he has collaborated with Steven Wilson and Hans Zimmer. He is a noted guitar teacher, working with the UK magazine Guitar Techniques, Guildford’s Academy of […]

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Instrumental: Gary Moore “The Prophet”

Gary Moore (4 April 1952 – 6 February 2011) was a rock guitarist from Northern Ireland. Beginning in the 1960s, Moore played with Phil Lynott and Brian Downey during his teenage years, leading him to memberships of the Irish bands Skid Row and Thin Lizzy, and British band Colosseum II. Moore shared the stage with such blues and rock musicians as B.B. King, Albert King, John Mayall, Jack Bruce, Albert […]

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Instrumental: Jimmy Page “Emerald Eyes”

James Patrick Page, OBE (born 9 January 1944) is an English musician, songwriter, and record producer who achieved international success as the guitarist and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin. Page began his career as a studio session musician in London and, by the mid-1960s, alongside Big Jim Sullivan, was one of the most sought-after session guitarists in Britain. He was a member […]

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Instrumental: Bernd Steidl “Dreams”

Although Swedish heavy metal guitar shredder Yngwie Malmsteen was the first to adapt Niccolo Paganini’s violin compositions to guitar, German guitarist Bernd Steidl prefers to play Paganini on the acoustic guitar. Shortly after attending Los Angeles’ Musician’s Institute of Technology, Steidl signed to Shrapnel Records in the early ’90s, issuing his debut, Psycho Acoustic Overture, […]

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