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Romantic Tuesday: The Most Intimate Feeling


I believe

The most intimate feeling

Is in that of being together

Sharing the same space

Sharing the same air



Treasuring the same view

Same perspective..beautiful

More than words…we love

Beyond expression…we love

In the truest sense of appreciation…we love

Giving one another the whole of our being

I believe

The most intimate feeling

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Let our hearts be steady

In agreement with the flow

Sustained astonishment as we grow older

Look into my eyes and see life

The same life as I see when I look into yours

Let the stars continuously amaze

As we sit outside on a blanket looking up

Our hands will always be a perfect fit

Fingers clasped tightly and tenderly

Give us music, song and dance

Give us love, passion and romance

Open communication, open doors

Let the day last long and each embrace even longer

Let each kiss touch the soul and sweep us away

We will always remember why we opened up and invited love in

And why love accepted the invitation


Our Everything

At the end of the day

can I take your hand?

feel the softness of your palm

our fingers entwined

caressing the back of your hand

with my thumb

At the end of the day

will you show me your smile

the one you wear so perfectly

a small glimpse of heaven

as I place my hand delicately on your cheek

At the end of the day

let me find you there

and let us greet each other

like there is no tomorrow

let this moment be our everything

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The Center of You And I


caress your face

and we are both taken away

a peaceful place

the center of you and I

running my fingers through your hair

all my cares fade away

except for you

a light that leads to a doorway of so much goodness

caressing your arms

there isn’t a wave large enough to compare to the rush of emotion we are surfing

the center of you and I

soft heartbeats

we dance across a surface which feels like heaven

yet we are still

only you can color my day in this way

warm embrace

only you

only love


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No Matter What This Life May Bring


so many things happen in this life

some we can and cannot understand

good days, tough days

we keep on pushing through

sunshine caressing my skin

the rain refreshing my soul

God, with his arm around me

walking the hours of the day with me

I am thankful

I am blessed

but what really moves me

what stirs me inside

is having you with me

yeah, you

and if God grants me plenty of days

just to be able to hold your hand

no matter what this life may bring

I’m am satisfied


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wedding photo of couple holding hands by Jennifer Moher Photography of Ontario, Canada | via photo by Jennifer Moher Photography


At This Moment


Staring at your picture

My mind sifting through memories

Old ones

And the new ones we have yet to make

I believe the best times are ahead of us

Any moment is the best time with you

Your touch, your smile

I caress your picture as if caressing your face

Letting my heart trace back to the last moment we shared

I sigh, slightly


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