Let our hearts be steady In agreement with the flow Sustained astonishment as we grow older Look into my eyes and see life The same life as I see when I look into yours Let the stars continuously amaze As we sit outside on a blanket looking up Our hands will always be a perfect […]

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Our Everything

At the end of the day can I take your hand? feel the softness of your palm our fingers entwined caressing the back of your hand with my thumb At the end of the day will you show me your smile the one you wear so perfectly a small glimpse of heaven as I place […]

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The Center of You And I

  caress your face and we are both taken away a peaceful place the center of you and I running my fingers through your hair all my cares fade away except for you a light that leads to a doorway of so much goodness caressing your arms there isn’t a wave large enough to compare […]

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At This Moment

  Staring at your picture My mind sifting through memories Old ones And the new ones we have yet to make I believe the best times are ahead of us Any moment is the best time with you Your touch, your smile I caress your picture as if caressing your face Letting my heart trace […]

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