#RomanticTuesday: Your Lovely Ways

“Like sapphire blue, you are simply mesmerizing.

GLady at Pixabay

You know, I really love your ways

In all days you bring something special

Like an added tint to the sun

Like an enhanced scent of a rose

How you deliver a kiss to my nose

Like I said, something special

Never, ever change your ways

And I will never chisel away at who you are

Only appreciate you more with each passing day

No shortage of love for You and Your ways

You Can Just Be

Acceptance can be a beautiful thing

Joy given to the life that just wants to be

So many beautiful things I see, in you

More than the verses I write

My heart can only speak the truth

Acceptance can be a beautiful thing

Waking up to realize the dream has become reality

You can just be

Because I love you, just as you are

photo credit: inspireinfo.blogspot.com