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#Loveuary ❤ – Day 17 – What Does Love Mean To Kids

My Sister Ritu has an open invitation prompt for the month of February with the theme being Love.

You can read Ritu’s post here❤-what-does-love-mean-to-kids/


4 Line Stories: The Adventurers 

After making sure the coast was clear

They decided to make a break for it

Mom was asleep, kids will be kids 

They were off for the adventure of a lifetime 


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Wednesday Surprise 

A Wednesday surprise 

From my little girl’s mind

She took me by the hand 

Pulled me from deep thoughts

About the next set of stanzas 

And next set of verses I could write

She took me to her fantastic world

Where fairies fluttered around

Where princesses were a common sight

She poured me a cup of magical tea

And I began to see the bright pink and powder blue fireworks above

She told me her tea was made of honey dipped love

I have to admit I felt a sweet joy inside 

We laughed as we rode upon winged unicorns 

The fairies managing to keep in stride 

When we landed, my little girl gave me the biggest hug

And ask “did you have fun daddy?”

“Daddy had soooooo much fun,” I replied

“Thank you for my Wednesday surprise,” I said through the biggest smile

“I like seeing you smile, daddy,” she said with the most purest sentiments 

Nothing seemed so important anymore 

I swooped her up and we went for another ride on those winged unicorns 

With fluttering fairies close behind 


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Doves of Peace

The truest light of this life

Is found in the smile of a little child

This is joy at its peak

When innocence speaks of believable dreams

Little hearts filled with enormous and wonderful things

Gleaming little doves of peace

Spirits and souls in sweet harmony

Let us blanket them with nothing but love

They are essential to the dawn of a better world

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The Grass Is Still Green Up There

As kids, we used to lay in the grassy terrain

Shaping clouds into images

Many a day, we’d rendezvous here

Escaping from tasks and chores

Innocence of life


As teens, we’d go and sit on the grassy terrain

It sat high above and you could see all the city

Looking at clouds and speaking of who we would be

Someday, one day

After school and weekends, this was the place to be


As young adults, we visited the grassy terrain

Remembering our days as kids

Laying and watching the clouds

Smiling and joking about our innocence

We still look up at the clouds

Some sort of nostalgic connection

Our rendezvous not as frequent


So, here we are

All grown up

The two of us

Laying on a blanket on top of the grassy terrain

Looking out at the city

It’s night and the lights look so beautiful

Out of the ordinary, truly a breath-taking view

There are some things that stick with you for life

Things that grow up right along with you

The memories of that grassy terrain

Will live with us forever