Breathe in deep The aroma of being free Releasing the non consequential Over layered theories Go where you’ve never been Those walls of comfort look so small from up here Elevated mind and soul The line in the sand crossed I hear what you are saying, God “Just let it go” I have * photo […]

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Letting Go – The Cleansing

Neha https://forgottenmeadows.wordpress.com/2017/09/09/calling-all-creative-mindspoetsartists-to-a-poetic-collaboration-letting-go/ Has started an inspiring collaboration post and is inviting all creatives to join in. Let’s support her and each other as we share our experiences in “letting go” • The Cleansing: Cleansing Material Physical Mental Spiritual Cleansing What once was Time changes Hands on clock turn Clock in heart turns Antique memories Letting […]

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