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Scorching Heart


Rising like a revival

Scorching heart

Raging fire

Phoenix transformation

Red sky blazing

Bullshit melting like wax

Soul truth emerging from the ashes

The feint of heart still denying themselves

Step up to the table

Free food for thought

Feeding the mind fiery introspection

Burning notions

Disclosing once closed theories

The phoenix within

Now free


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World Poetry Day 3

Whatever you get out of poetry – take it. take it. take it. Words are better off felt than understood.

Sanober Khan

I gave her words 

That would never wilt 

For every time she would read them

They would blossom again

A piece of my heart 

Beat within each petal 

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World Poetry Day 2

In this story
I am the poet

You’re the poetry.

Arzum Uzun

She was always there 

As often as I would return 

She was always there

And I would sit afar 

Painting her portrait with words

Hoping one day 

I would have the courage to say “hello”

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The sword never tires

Whatever new beast may rise up

The armor protecting more than the body

Soul warfare

Gauntlet raised

Staring directly into the eyes of evil

I do not flinch, only deepen my stance


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I stood at that gate

As I had done many a day before

Thinking this the day I would go home

But no one would come

As was the case many a day before

Inside they say I am no ordinary man

I no longer debate with the white coat holding a

recorder in his hand

With each visit to my room, he cannot understand how my

mind expands

Please God, don’t let them sedate me again

The white coats don’t understand what it is like

to feel nothing

I stood at that gate

As I had done many a day before

A slightly blurred image hangs in my mind

Arms welcoming me home

But no one would come…

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Maybe when tomorrow comes

It will all be gone

Buried under an unmarked tombstone

The decay of the unnecessary

Resuscitation of what is real

The ghosts linger still

They don’t know where to go

So we sign peace treaties

As we tuck our hearts back inside

To feel once again…what was slipping away


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