Outshine (Recognize)

Even if you fall just short Keep reaching, the saying goes Nobody knows the struggle Your struggle, except you Even if you fall among the stars Shine brighter Recognize your light And if other don’t recognize Sometimes the heart is blinder than the eyes Respect yourself always * gif credit: RolePlayGateway Advertisements

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As long as there is light There will be love There will be joy There will be peace A harmonious union deep inside the soul That cannot be broken or stolen There is no greater hope than forever light Sometimes we are blinded so that we can understand No amount of knowledge can comprehend It […]

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Not Factory Issued

What I have always appreciated most Is that it was not factory issued Or a ghost It was real The genuine article Not preassembled or copied and pasted And each time I was fortunate to catch a glance Or come to face to face with it My day took a turn for the better So […]

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The Right Direction

Sun rising on our right A reflection of the direction were going The right direction Light on every horizon No matter how many bends in the road We turn with them Because this road leads home And the light directs us It may be a long drive But we’ll arrive Home, together * photo credit: Flickr […]

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Spheres of light floating away Carrying the sentiments of the day Lighting the sky in a special way The effects of words we could not say + photo credit: Giphy

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