I Trusted Him

“And for a brief moment I was lost, then I just looked up at the stars and danced.” The days were dark. I was lost, feeling disoriented. It was if the devil himself held his hand against my chest and pressed as hard as he could. In these days, I could not sleep, no appetite […]

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Point In Time

It was like being illuminated inside. We had never felt this depth of warmth so intensely. Everything around seemed to carry this new sense of beauty as if being discovered for the first time. Almost like having a child’s eyes, seeing so much more than what is presented. I wonder if we had reached some […]

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Life In Our Palms

Remember when we held the moon in the palm of our hands? Remember the beautiful light that expanded the scope of the moment and what it meant? We sensed vividly moments yet to be and in the depth of our being we experienced an awareness far above comprehension. Remember when we held the moon in […]

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The Sevens: Reflections of A Soul

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols Thoughts reflecting in the heart Silhouette reflecting off the water A reminiscing of words exchanged Conjure up images in the mind Inner light causes reflections of a soul Walking alone Thoughts are gentle comfort * photo credit: pexels.com

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