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#RomanticTuesday – The Smallest Things

“In the middle of talking about our dreams, we discovered we were living one.”

In the smallest conversations

We are profoundly moved

Ideals and thoughts that captivate the soul

With the smallest gestures

Our world seems to grow

An ever expanding life of wonderment

Amazing how another’s heart merged with your own

Can open you to a life you’ve never known

Fishing in this universal pond

We’ve managed to reel in the greatest catch, love

Or perhaps, love reeled us into this special experience

Where even the smallest things have such a monumental meaning

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The Sevens: A Little More

Dream a little more

Hearts adorned with much affection

Dream a little more

As we travel this road together

Hands never unclasped

Love a little more

Our desire forever


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The Light of Thankfulness


Treasures come and go. Some are lost and never found. Some are buried and forgotten. Blessings to the heart that has and the heart that receives. Blessings to the heart that is cherished and the soul that is nourished. If it is but for one moment of one day, let it be as a thousand moments and a thousands. A treasure which will forever be held in the light of thankfulness.


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We will never be without a heart

We share one

The flow of love never disrupted

Time cannot interrupt its beating

Life is made of interchangeable parts

But we can no longer fit with any other

We are one and if part of us hurts

It is felt within the other

Under one sun and sky

Under one moon and night

We will never be without a dream

Always and forever

We will share one



At day’s end

Reality settles in

Disillusionment and illusions cast away 

Internal reorganization in process 

Serene transition 

Adherence to a soul beloved 

At the gateway , I begin once again 

There is no unknown 

Everything of worth is stored in the heart 

A lesson well learned 

At day’s end

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