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World Poetry Day 3

Whatever you get out of poetry – take it. take it. take it. Words are better off felt than understood.

Sanober Khan

I gave her words 

That would never wilt 

For every time she would read them

They would blossom again

A piece of my heart 

Beat within each petal 

photo courtesy of pixabay 


World Poetry Day 2

In this story
I am the poet

You’re the poetry.

Arzum Uzun

She was always there 

As often as I would return 

She was always there

And I would sit afar 

Painting her portrait with words

Hoping one day 

I would have the courage to say “hello”

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#WorldPoetryDay 1

there are some poems that we leave behind 

some that leave us behind 

while some just live


in the heart

crumble, sometimes



and are reborn
when you smile again.

– Sanober Khan, Turquoise Silence

And with great detail 

I pulled the feelings from my heart

And typed them carefully onto the page

Only to take the poem and swallow it

In hopes that better words would grow

Her radiance was indescribable 

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Romantic Tuesday: Magnitude


How big is the world compared to love?

My world continues to expand each day with you

We revolve around the sun in the constant presence of light

The days seem to not contain enough time and space

So much to say and express

Our only quest is togetherness

To love as openly and fully as we can

Our hands holding the ends of a ribbon as we tie a bow around

what we have found

There is nothing more priceless or precious

We wave to the moon each night

Hoping this “good night” will be the last apart

I wait for the morning in which we awake and I see the sun

rising in your eyes

It is then perhaps, I will fully understand the magnitude of our love


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Romantic Tuesday: One Daily Truth


I no longer exist

As a single entity

How can I look at you

And desire to discover the world

On my own?

An open heart I offer to you

Filled with only loving truths

Around the world

Let us sail

Growing in oneness

With every trail we walk together

At day one

I knew my existence as one

Was done

The only singular

Is the life we share

I dare not think of a world without you

So I pour my heart and soul into one daily truth

I love you


photo courtesy of pixabay