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#RomanticTuesday: Eternal Hearts


I believe

Each time we touch

The reverberations

Will be felt for eternities


No matter how the world pulls

To keep us apart

Our love only strengthens

We are eternal hearts

Time plays its role

Shortening the moments

Lengthening the silence

The sighs we exhale

Breathe newer life into our love

Giving up is an outdated concept

Giving in more, to what we believe

That the creator of stars and all beautiful things

Has gifted us with this love

Its light, at times, blinding

But we always see what it all means

Intimate soul speak

We are One

Eternal hearts


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Requiem For A Wonderful Soul

I never once wondered about you

Something inside me just knew

I do not toss around adjectives casually 

Although you might not think it

“Wonderful” aptly fits you

A universe within a universe sharing the gifts within you

I find it amazing how you were overlooked 

But we have learned that a blind heart can blind the eyes

The fact that our paths crossed was a disguised blessing 

It didn’t take long to come to that realization 

I believe we both changed that day and in ways we have as of yet discovered 

Wherever you are I hope something catches your attention 

To let you know you are thought of fondly 

A blessing of which is never taken for granted

For sure someday, we will meet again 

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#RomanticTuesday: Sunsets Are The Least I Can Give


I sat out back

Holding the sun in place

Waiting for you to come home

So we could enjoy the sun setting



I pinched myself

Yes, this is a living dream

Who am I?

Fortunate man

Fortunate one

When you found me, broken in some ways

You did not judge or turn in fear

You only accepted me

Sometimes flaws can be discriminating

Sometimes, they are beautiful

Thank you for accepting me

This broken man in a shell

With your love I have discovered pieces long lost

My soul exposes its nakedness, somehow, unafraid

Your gentle caring ways lift me

So with each opportunity I get

I hold the sun in place

Until you are home

Sunsets are the least I can give

For all you have done for me


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#RomanticTuesday: Until The End of Days 

The end of days isn’t the end of time

The end of days is life without you

Devoted hearts devoted to truths we share

We love

With all our being has to give 

We love

Clocks surmise the time for man

God surmises the time of man

Each day I do not lessen my appreciation of you

Your glow never demishes 

We are thankful for days that give us life together 

We do not linger on life without the other 

Those thoughts tucked away safely 

Today is what we have 

A house of straw, a house of wood, a house of bricks

Home is You and I 

Home is Us

Until the end of days

We love

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Bargain Basement 

I’ve been ignored by the best of them

Rejected, despised, outcasted an ostracized 

What I had wasn’t good enough 

Sincerity was bargain basement in their eyes 

I smiled and I laughed as the very soul within was torn apart 

And in the end, The Beatles made me feel good

And in the end, bargain basement sincerity is worth far more than high gloss fakeness 

I am not sad nor am I bitter 

I still find humor in comic strips

And God sure knows how to make you feel special 

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6/3/17 – Time…Unknown 

Thoughts of blues skies 

Warm hearts, warm atmosphere 

Idle chatter, light banter

Pick and choose, whatever grooves you

Beautiful eyes that make men cry

Shy smiles although we have conquered worlds

Thoughts of you

A forgotten treasure 

A natural life enhancer (no exaggeration)

Banging the drum slowly to slow the rotation of the day

Lighting a scented candle to say “I’m with you always”

Studying this map of life and seeking clear directions (God, I know you are listening)

I sang a song today and I sang it loud 

Thoughts of sitting alone

Feeling my heart beat inside 

Sipping on an ice tea

Saying “cheers” to whatever comes next 

Hoping the best is always yet to come 

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