For The Moment

Sensibilities heightened as I gather nuggets of inspiration to get through the day. The always freshness of your smile has residual effects that last hour by hour, actually infectious. Replaying fragments from certain memories, sound bites capturing laughter and the ambient joy present. Beautiful perspectives shared. Life soaring as high as a kite caressing the […]

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Pondering A Little

My daily dose of pondering My mind is like a pre installed time machine Peeking through windows of time For a moment lost in the sublime And it is not lost on me That whatever is suppose to will be So as I release a deep sigh I raise my spirit up high To look […]

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Quintessential Beauty

An air of familiarity As if I had known you before Vintage thoughts transport me back in time There she stood in elegant stillness Quintessential beauty which towered over the Eiffel I absorb the aroma of the moment Being too far away to offer a gentleman’s “hello” Sometimes life will present you with a moment […]

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