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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Requiem For A Wonderful Soul

I never once wondered about you

Something inside me just knew

I do not toss around adjectives casually 

Although you might not think it

“Wonderful” aptly fits you

A universe within a universe sharing the gifts within you

I find it amazing how you were overlooked 

But we have learned that a blind heart can blind the eyes

The fact that our paths crossed was a disguised blessing 

It didn’t take long to come to that realization 

I believe we both changed that day and in ways we have as of yet discovered 

Wherever you are I hope something catches your attention 

To let you know you are thought of fondly 

A blessing of which is never taken for granted

For sure someday, we will meet again 

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Bargain Basement 

I’ve been ignored by the best of them

Rejected, despised, outcasted an ostracized 

What I had wasn’t good enough 

Sincerity was bargain basement in their eyes 

I smiled and I laughed as the very soul within was torn apart 

And in the end, The Beatles made me feel good

And in the end, bargain basement sincerity is worth far more than high gloss fakeness 

I am not sad nor am I bitter 

I still find humor in comic strips

And God sure knows how to make you feel special 

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Where I Lay My Head


Solemn mood

Lay my head down

Resting my eyes

I remember when the sky

Was made of gold

And your silhouette

Stood out bold

For the first time today

I think my mind is at peace


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Friday Nights Are For Daydreaming


Daydreaming with you

Remembering when you came to me

Beautiful descent

With your wonderful wings and things

I had not worn wings for a while

But you inspired me to take flight again

Learning to soar again

Cosmic dreams

One day we will touch ground again

Safe landing

But for now on this night…I will dream

Extended wings


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Thoughts down deep inside 

Perhaps they will never come to life

Thank you for the memories 

Those beautiful memories 

A collage of moments 

A scrapbook of days 



The writing’s on the wall

No bitterness 

No anger

Fondly, I bid thee


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Forever, Queen 

Long gone

The minutes tick 

The seconds move quick

Want to forget it all

Lost in the continuous waves



There is a gap in between 

God gives generously 

Long gone 

Forever, Queen


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