Life In Our Palms

Remember when we held the moon in the palm of our hands? Remember the beautiful light that expanded the scope of the moment and what it meant? We sensed vividly moments yet to be and in the depth of our being we experienced an awareness far above comprehension. Remember when we held the moon in […]

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Two Sides of A Thought

Chasing lost days Dead end paths All cards played And still, no winning hand Goodbye to wine and roses Goodbye to “what ifs?” and supposes * “Are you willing to give it your all or just a fraction of your heart?” *   High above Iron bird Hopes jettisoned like relief aid A heart awaits […]

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#RomanticTuesday: Once Divided

“Remember what it was like before sunsets contained such magic?” Days would come and go The cadence of the daily routine sounded loudly Just going about the day’s business Morning Noon Evening Night Days would come and go * We recall what is was like Before words gained such added depth and meaning Before the […]

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Transported to that time and place A thought brings us together once more * Morning sun stretching and rising Our hands clasped so tight as to not let the moment slip away Walking this trail and talking of dreams  Painting scenarios in which we are the principal actors  The environment is inviting as we peer […]

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