A Caress of Memories

Some things came to mind

That made me smile

I lingered in those thoughts

For quite a while

It was just what I needed

At that point in my day

Renergizing my spirit

As I went along my way

So wherever you are

Wherever you may be

Thank you for the reminder

That you’re always with me

Photo by Max Andrey from Pexels


#Haiku – Treasure Trove

Every photo

Is a treasure to be found

When you need a lift

Photo by Luis Quintero from Pexels

#FridayFeeling: Short Films

Memories stamped in time

Memory marks imbedded in the mind

Moments play like short films

Total recall bring these moments to life again

And they will always remain alive within

Personal motion pictures

Vibrant and meaningful

More than mental notes or photographic stills

Each memory awaits its sequel to be added to the sequence

Because, as you know

There are more memories to be made

That is the underlying beauty of this all

No limits to what we can create

Photo by Klas Tauberman from Pexels