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Two Sides of A Thought


Chasing lost days

Dead end paths

All cards played

And still, no winning hand

Goodbye to wine and roses

Goodbye to “what ifs?” and supposes


“Are you willing to give it your all or just a fraction of your heart?”



High above

Iron bird

Hopes jettisoned like relief aid

A heart awaits

Hands waving at the sky

Is this “hello” or “goodbye?”

Is this the dawn or twilight?

Beginning or end?


“The door was closed for a reason and I didn’t open despite how hard the sound of the knocking was”


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#RomanticTuesday: Once Divided

“Remember what it was like before sunsets contained such magic?”

Days would come and go

The cadence of the daily routine sounded loudly

Just going about the day’s business





Days would come and go


We recall what is was like

Before words gained such added depth and meaning

Before the dawn brought with it such great hope and promise

The days seem to have expanded

Minutes and moments have become priceless

Facing the world alone is an aberration

We recall what is was like to be without the other

It Strengthens the core of being together

Two beings together

Never to part

Love solidified

Loving forever






Transported to that time and place

A thought brings us together once more


Morning sun stretching and rising

Our hands clasped so tight as to not let the moment slip away

Walking this trail and talking of dreams 

Painting scenarios in which we are the principal actors 

The environment is inviting as we peer through the widow of opportunity 

No crystal ball, fortune telling future predictions 

We already know and believe in what we want

And as my mind begins to transport back to this present reality 

I smile, picturing you smiling on that day

And I am thankful for this countermeasure to missing you

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The Thievery of Time

I remember the feel of the waves as they crashed against my soul

How we fused into one entity

Spinning the clock backwards and recalling every second

Time turned into a thief and stole you away from me

I have no questions, only memories

The miles between cannot dim your smile in any way

I held that glimpse of you and carried it with me everywhere today


I thought about today a lot

While we were chasing our dreams, I thought about today


Amazing, how the days come and go

Amazing, how the world can take a backseat only to reappear suddenly

Amazing where you find yourself from one moment to the next


I thought about yesterday a lot 

I thought about how one last look can cause the heart to tear slightly 

I thought about the taste of rocky road, pralines and cream and the significance of ice cream on a nice summer day

I thought about intimate conversations that opened up parts of the soul

I thought about the view from the top of a pagoda and the enlightenment that resides there

Time will never have the upper hand, only momentary acts of thievery


Tomorrow will come

And I will hold on to the glimpse of your smile everywhere I go

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