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4 Line Stories: Mind Trip

Fool: Oh wise one, how must I see things clearly

Wise man: You must free your mind of whatever blocks your view

Fool: Hmmm, I think I understand

So the fool kick the wise man off top of the mountain… “What a view,” said the fool


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Lost In Space

Psyche exploration 

Mental terrain 

Thought exchange 

Checking the framework 

Seems still intact

No analytical leakage 

Or psychological gaps

Just footprints from unwelcomed guest

Space invaders up to no good

So I spend the day

On a galactic mission 

Assuring that all is well 

Lost in space

Spring cleaning the psyche

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Monday Thoughts: Mental Diuretic

If we are not willing to let go knotty and prickly issues in time, our mental frame can be wrecked before long. One must be prepared to get the monkey off the back, eventually. – Erik Pevernagie

We need to flush our minds at times because we have a tendency to carry to much in it at times. Holding on to every little thing that happens and finding ourselves with the heavy head syndrome. Our actual physical head feels so heavy we can hardly stand from being dizzy and disoriented thinking so much.

Have you ever gotten worked up over something that was out of your control? I mean really upset because in that moment you couldn’t do anything about what was happening, you could only sit/stand there and wait for the time to pass. Sometimes we allow preconceived notions to lead us to believe we know why a particular incident is taking place and from there we jump to conclusions and I mean jump into the deep end of conclusions. We think we know the answer when in fact we are in the dark until the reason of the matter comes to light. Sometimes we’re right and sometimes wrong. Either way, we get all worked up and upset because we just don’t know what is going on.

Then comes the hording of thoughts about everything and everybody. “Why is so and so this?” “Why me?” “Why can’t it be like this way or that way?” We build up so much in our minds that these thought bricks become heavier and heavier until “oh boy,” headache time, high blood pressure time, angry time, resentful, jealous, you name it! Just not a good time…ouch!

I do my best to let go of things out of my control. Like it or not, we cannot be in control of everything. I do my best not to let my mind get flooded overthinking. That only leads to a mental shutdown. Life is not perfect and life doesn’t always go exactly as we want and I’m not a behavioral specialist, so I can’t control someone else’s thoughts and actions. We just need to be careful and not allow ourselves to become heavy headed with so much.  What is going to happen is going to happen. Life will continue from one moment to the next. 
We can do our best to live, learn, grow and let go. 


Scorching Heart


Rising like a revival

Scorching heart

Raging fire

Phoenix transformation

Red sky blazing

Bullshit melting like wax

Soul truth emerging from the ashes

The feint of heart still denying themselves

Step up to the table

Free food for thought

Feeding the mind fiery introspection

Burning notions

Disclosing once closed theories

The phoenix within

Now free


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I stood at that gate

As I had done many a day before

Thinking this the day I would go home

But no one would come

As was the case many a day before

Inside they say I am no ordinary man

I no longer debate with the white coat holding a

recorder in his hand

With each visit to my room, he cannot understand how my

mind expands

Please God, don’t let them sedate me again

The white coats don’t understand what it is like

to feel nothing

I stood at that gate

As I had done many a day before

A slightly blurred image hangs in my mind

Arms welcoming me home

But no one would come…

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Quieting The Echoes 

Washed up on dry land

Drifting mind

Weaved thoughts 

Worn by the heart 

Quiet the echoes 

Turn over the hourglass 

There you are

Here I am 

Somewhere in time

Transitioning with the season

Beautiful heartache 

Love is anarchy 

Lasso around hope

Pulled from the sea

Rescued from perplexity 

Dry land is a welcomed sight

Kiss the ground

Kiss the sky

Gazing at cropped photos 

Sitting next to the night light 

Forgetting about lost time

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