Another day Time to realign Spiritually, not just my spine Generating enough brain power To shed light on some thoughts Creating in this already created day Putting my feet in steps pre-outlined Watching the wallpaper of each moment being plastered up As the day decides its own pace to travel * photo credit:

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Pondering A Little

My daily dose of pondering My mind is like a pre installed time machine Peeking through windows of time For a moment lost in the sublime And it is not lost on me That whatever is suppose to will be So as I release a deep sigh I raise my spirit up high To look […]

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Now And Next Time

Bridging thoughts Time elapsing Crossing mental oceans Here, There Engaging conversation with self (God listening in) Trying to bridge the gap between now and next time Who knows when? Only God can answer that I hope you are still listening * photo credit: Mails and Forwards  

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