Revolving Impulses

Electrical impulses Sending out signals Thoughts revolving in the mind Trust in the light Not faulty circuitry That projects counterfeit happiness You deserve much more than that Impulses revolving constantly * photo credit:

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The Disillusioned

Sometimes You see more Than what you want Sometimes You see more Than what is there Sometimes You just think What the……? Sometimes You just don’t care * photo credit: 

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Gaps in time My mind wanders Walking a wire across the universe Which at times can seem very big And at times can seem very small Falling never crosses my mind * gif credit: We Heart It

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Eternal Light

Soul survivor Never devoid of the fire inside Hand of God lifts me higher And with each step I strive on Eternal light alive in me * gif credit: 

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Breathe in deep The aroma of being free Releasing the non consequential Over layered theories Go where you’ve never been Those walls of comfort look so small from up here Elevated mind and soul The line in the sand crossed I hear what you are saying, God “Just let it go” I have * photo […]

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