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At The Corner of Nowhere 

In the midst of another night 

Waiting at the corner of nowhere 

Street lights heighten the anticipation 

It’s do or die

No consolation prize

Is this our opportunity to get away?

Make that great escape 

Hashtag #lovewillfindaway

So I wait 

And wonder if this is all in my mind

A daydream gone offline 

Looking around, it resembles the crossroads where we met

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For a moment

I let my guard down

You struck quick and ferociously

My soul wounded

My thoughts woozy

But you should know

I do not fall easily

I concede this tiny victory to you

Tomorrow is a new day

God willing


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Where I Lay My Head


Solemn mood

Lay my head down

Resting my eyes

I remember when the sky

Was made of gold

And your silhouette

Stood out bold

For the first time today

I think my mind is at peace


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The scent never fades away

Though I might not think about it everyday

But it is never far from my grasp

Overlapped at times by other mental notes

Sort of how life goes sometimes

All in all, nothing takes precedence

Days may fade into a collection of yesterdays

But the scent of that one day will never fade


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A Traveling Mind

The road less traveled 

I know all too well

Worn shoes tossed aside 

My stride may be slow at times

But I push onward 

Signpost up ahead reads “to be continued”

Never heard of that street before 

I see the roads merging into one 

Hoping my sequence of steps leads me home

A traveling mind gets weary on occasion 

The comforts of home are a worthy thought 

Perhaps, one day, this mind will travel less

Thinking back to that signpost

The road is to be continued 

As with life 

I move on


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Gray Matter

Perched upon high

Way above the fray

In the midst of grey

Silence is what the air speaks 

No greeting, we just co-exist

Parting this moment of existence into equal parts 

Gray matter pondering …


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Romantic Tuesday: Indivisible 

Once we became two

The we became one

An inseparable sum

Growing closer as the seconds pass

Trying to slow time to make time last

In heart, mind and soul

We are everlasting 

Strengthen by our bond we carry each other 

This temporary separation causes the heart to ache

We feel as one and not allow the sometimes sadnesss to overcome us

In the intimacy of confessions we confess and express all of what love was created to be

You and I 

The sum of togetherness 

Always whole, inseparable 

Forever indivisible 


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