Proceed To The Next Entrance

“My tolerance for bullshit is at an all time low.” Entrance within sight Clear in my mind’s eye Gateway to a new dimension of mental state Not lingering on wasted thoughts The benefit of life only lasts today And if your foot is already in tomorrow then you’re bound to get lost I leave behind […]

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Rediscovering Eden Spiritual paradise lost A divine tide washing upon my shore Pieces of me drift out to the ocean Soul cleansing No forbidden fruit to tempt No repeating old history I observe the symbolism of the tree God is more than knowledge It is Him that I acknowledge And it is Him that establishes […]

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At day’s end Reality settles in Disillusionment and illusions cast away  Internal reorganization in process  Serene transition  Adherence to a soul beloved  At the gateway , I begin once again  There is no unknown  Everything of worth is stored in the heart  A lesson well learned  At day’s end • photo credit: Flickr

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The Brightness

This sandstorm of thoughts appears to be clearing Up ahead looks like some sort of brightness My feet sink in the sand with each step I take But this brightness draws me near The after affects of being disoriented attempt to confuse me I am not worried because, my mind never lost rational thinking And […]

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