A Caress of Memories

Some things came to mind

That made me smile

I lingered in those thoughts

For quite a while

It was just what I needed

At that point in my day

Renergizing my spirit

As I went along my way

So wherever you are

Wherever you may be

Thank you for the reminder

That you’re always with me

Photo by Max Andrey from Pexels

Cloud Cover

Grey clouds cover

Just hovering above

Cloudy day morphs

Into a cloudy night


Twin lights

One sleeps

The other watches over

Both befell with a dream


photo credit: Syl

Life Is

Sometimes life is all or nothing

But it is always something

It is a personal path of existence

Coinciding with the creation

Sometimes life is a little or a lot

Wake up to a new day

Breach the creatures of habit code

Sometimes life is definable and then at times too much is defined

Outspoken, soft spoken, no words at all

Life is always

photo credit: pexels.com