Non-Love in More Than Ten Sentences (Missed Encounters)

My wonderful sister Aquileana, invited me to join in the Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenges.  A different take on the Love in Ten Sentences Challenge. My poem will follow after the rules.

 Rules for the “Non-Love in More than Ten Sentences Challenge”:

If you are in, you only have to link back to my blog and add your poem on your blog, making sure to include:

~The word “Love”, at least once.

~At least one adverb. (For instance: unavoidably).

~At least one quote or motto, marked by quotation marks.

As to the poem and particularly as to Non- Love, the topics might be related to: a break up, betrayals of love, an impossible love, amorous quarrels, an unrequited love, disappointment or disbelief with regard to love, and so on… 

Finally, you shall nominate ten (10) bloggers for them to follow up this challenge, if they want to.

Missed Encounters

He passes her by

without even a glance

his eyes fixed on his shoe laces

he doesn’t notice the sunrise of her smile

his head buried in the business section of the local newspaper

“Nothing makes a room feel emptier than wanting someone in it.”

She passes by him

She looks his way, but he’s looking down at his shoes

She smiles with all the fullness of a morning sunrise

He never looks up from reading his newspaper

Love was knocking, but only she answered

He was lost in thought

Wondering if this charming lady he passed by each morning

could ever fall in love with a guy like him


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Thank you Aqui, for the invitation. I will leave this challenge open to any one who wants to join in.