A Caress of Memories

Some things came to mind

That made me smile

I lingered in those thoughts

For quite a while

It was just what I needed

At that point in my day

Renergizing my spirit

As I went along my way

So wherever you are

Wherever you may be

Thank you for the reminder

That you’re always with me

Photo by Max Andrey from Pexels



Related image

Chin in hand

Elbow on table

Eyes staring up

At nothing in particular



Piecing together

All that is good


photo credit: The Most Perfect View




#FridayFeeling: Another Setting Sun

Folding the moment and putting it away

Fading light, only for the day

Evening shades are closed and the sun is tucking itself in

I sit at the staircase absorbing it all

The pendulum of time swings back and forth

All we can do is continue to chisel away

Day to day, night by night

Until the waterfall flows freely and the oasis is pure

I can only imagine how the setting sun will look on that day


photo credit: Canvas – pexels.com

Full Mind

Image result for thinking anime gif

Always mindful of what it all means

Mind filled with meaningful thoughts

Spirit of discernment deciphering what is true

Amazing how a photo can speak volumes

As the world turns, I remain still for a moment

Appreciating all that is good

And allowing all the nonsense to float away with the breeze

No need to ponder philosophically or peer through layers deep within

At times you just want to appreciate all that is good

And let that sigh breathe gently


gif credit: Tenor