#MondayThought: No Shame

We cannot grow when we are in shame, and we can’t use shame to change ourselves or others. – Brené Brown First and foremost, do not be ashamed of you. Do not allow this wonderful creation you are to be buried under false notions, beliefs or other’s judgemental, preconceived assumptions of you. Please, do not […]

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#MondayThoughts: Team Effort

Heart This is not the beating muscle This is the force that keeps you going You can be physically and mentally Strong But it requires a strong heart to keep moving forward Mind The thought chamber The perception processor What we continually draw from this well becomes a part of us Feed your mind carefully […]

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#MondayThoughts: Singular Vision

Your possible future…and there are literally thousands of possible futures…is being formed by what you think and believe today. ~ John Kehoe Mind on track Heart fully charged Spirit in tune Soul highly aware More than motivated More than encouraged More than inspired Feelings come and go Emotions hit highs and lows This singular vision […]

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