Monday Motivation: Overcoming The Pain

We experience pain in different ways. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Some pain is beyond our control as our bodies and minds are tormented by physical and mental ailments. Here I am focusing on that pain that hits us internally in our spirit. People can hurt us intentionally or unintentionally, through their words and actions. We feel betrayed, cut deep in our soul and wonder why?  

There are different levels of gaslighting. Being berated and constantly put down by someone else until you actually start feeling like you have done something wrong or there is something wrong with you. This is a pain that aches in your soul and the ripple effects stretch across the mental and physical boundaries.

Sometimes we are not in awareness of this until after the fact and that makes the road to healing even tougher. My point today is we must not allow people and this includes family and friends, to put us down and tear away at who we are. We must not allow our personality, our character and inner being to be altered because of others insecurities, unhappiness with themselves or their selfish ego in believing everything is about them.

We must not allow this type of hurt and pain to keep us from living life and growing within. We absorb this pain but we DO NOT have to hold on to it forever. Find a healthy way of releasing that is beneficial to you in healing. Never give up on You even when others push you too!

Stay inspired!

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Monday Motivation: The Big Push

The goal is within sight, not yet within reach, but still within sight. You wonder if you have enough left to make it all the way. You look back to how far you have come. No giving up now! No settling for “at least I made it this far” (depending on the situation). 

You look forward and it appears as if the end goal is so far away still. Is it? For all our effort to reach the point where we are, it will take that much more effort and then some to get to where we want to be. Whether you barely make it or arrive there easily, give yourself that big push you need to see it through.

Everyday should be looked at as a day closer to reaching your goal. Stay inspired!

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Monday Motivation: Potential 

The indicator reads zero. 

We are all blessed with the potential to do some great and amazing things. We all have our own unique talents and skill set that when explored and tapped into, can lead to some awesome experiences in our life.

In life, we may or may not realize our full potential and capabilities, but who’s to say what full potential is? We are all different within and just because we are not all achieving on the same level doesn’t mean we are not using our full potential. 

Our effort is our potential. How hard we work at something is using our potential. The end result is based on our effort. So, we need not measure our achievements, successes and life up against someone else’s. We only need to give our very best effort at living our life and what we are trying and hoping to accomplish. 

The indicator will always remain at zero, if we do not at least try.

Stay inspired!

Monday Motivation: Until You Have Nothing Left

“I came to what appeared to be the end of the road, then I took a step forward and then another one. I discovered it was only temporary darkness” – Syl

The things we want do not always come gift wrapped, we have to work for it.  One day it all seems easy and the next day you cannot catch a break. What is most important is that we work at it and give it our all, our absolute very best, until we have nothing left in the tank. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Stay inspired!

Scene from the motion picture “Facing the Giants”

Monday Motivation: We Can Do Without That

Take a deep breath, exhale…

There is good and bad in this life. Man made, natural and spiritual. Sometimes you find yourself harboring feelings such as anger, resentment, bitterness, lack of caring and other down right negative feelings that can lead to an unhealthy body, mind and spirit.

For whatever reason or for no reason at all one of these feelings might find its way inside and you keep it bottled up, not wanting to or not knowing how to express it. We cannot keep it bottled up inside because it can be very detrimental. We have to find a way to express what we are feeling. It can be by talking to someone, writing, praying and any other outlet we can find (in a positive way). 

Do not hold things in, let it out. We all can do without negativity stirring inside. Stay inspired!