#MondayThoughts: What Are You Towing?

We carry good things and bad things with us throughout life. One of the difficulties is in letting go of the bad. I know there are some hurts which can mark us forever but there are a lot of things we can and should let go of instead of towing them around with us.

Is it easy? Not all the time, but it is doable. We need to cleanse ourselves of bitterness, disappointments, resentment, jealousy, low esteem, comparison and a laundry list of reactions and behaviors that only slow us down in living a forward moving life. There is no need to drag these things around, constantly wasting precious brain power on them.

You see a tow truck pulling a car around that is either not running properly or that is headed for the auto graveyard. I’m sure that even though a tow truck was built for such tasks, our mind, heart and body were not made to be weighed down by heavy thoughts, emotions and feelings. We need to learn to release.

First off, forgive yourself for not being perfect. Who the heck is? Also there is no need to demonstrate how strong and stoic you are. When you’ve been hurt, it is of no use to you to show you are an invincible rock that cannot be penetrated. You are human. Forgiving others is not saying I give you the stamp of approval to screw me over, rather you are saying I’m not going to let you deter my seeking the best possible life that I can live.

Second, let it go. Let go of all the shit that has been lingering deep inside you. All of the nonsense that tries to tell you that you’re not good for this or that. The voice that plays a recording of past failures or shortcomings, past heartbreaks, feelings of inadequacy, self induced mind games that have you thinking in circles without actually gaining any insight. Let go of trying to be a people pleaser, taking a backseat to everyone else’s demands and at times needs if they can do it themselves.

Third, just breathe. Each morning, breathe, give thanks and get up and live. For some of us it could be worse, much worse. I look at those who are in a tougher predicament than myself and know things could be worse. Let’s try less stress and more life. Unhook your heavy load.

Stay inspired and keep rising


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Heard around the world

Feelings unfurled

Thoughts shot from a crossbow

Piercing the sky, clouds, then atmosphere

Pounding heart

Pounding hard

Infused with insanity

Fire of determination consumes me

Who gives a shit what anyone believes

Remove that one brick from the wall and the whole will crumble

The winds have shifted again

Despite this dust storm I can see clear

It’s been a hard day’s night and there is still work to be done

Wake up, get up and keep going

Just keep going


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#MondayThoughts: Wake Up Call

If you don’t put anything in place, do not expect miraculous results to appear.

– Germany Kent

Life will give you signs and then there is God, He will make it as clear as day. When you are blessed to really see how wonderful this life can be, when the conditions have not been in your favor for far too long and you fail to grasp that blessing fully, then you are only fooling yourself by standing in the conditions that are unfavorable while allowing the blessing to slip away.

When you receive that wake up call and press the snooze button, eventually you will wake up with the regret that you had the most wonderful opportunity and you fell asleep on it.

I don’t want to fall asleep and I am fully aware of the blessing. I got my wake up call (and several nudges) that at times there is no right time and the time is now. So I have to get my shit together and ass in gear (all kidding aside). Life is waiting and I don’t want to lose out.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


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#MondayThoughts: Plowing Through

In times of great stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. – Lee Iacococa

Simply stated, during tough times and moments of struggle, when what is before us can cause us to be unsure, we must plow through and tredge on. No, it doesn’t mean it will be easy and our momentum might be stifled momentarily, but we definitely know we will get through. It is okay to be quietly confident within.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


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#MondayThought: Sustaining The Momentum

When the finish line seems too far away, remember how you felt when you were back at the starting line. Regain that motivation to recharge your momentum.

– Toni Sorenson

The moment we decide to make a change in our life, two forces begin to take action. There are forces that work with you and the forces that work against you.

In the beginning we are fully charged up and everything is clear cut as to what we want and our plan to get there. As we build up our momentum moving forward, we begin to see the two forces in action. Sometimes things work in our favor to propel us forward, then there are things which happen to discourage us, leaving us in a stagnant state. Either way, it up to us to sustain our momentum in moving forward.

Good days, bad days, emotional highs, emotional lows. They all come into play on our way to achievement. A great way to sustain momentum is to build on past victories and how you made it through and what brought you to your goal. What was it that took you a step further? What was it that didn’t allow you to give up? There is no perfect path or road, there is only the path or road.

We must keep our spiritual, mental and physical energies level and working together, where they can compensate for each other when one is low. I believe we lose momentum when the results are not either being seen as we think they should or not happening as fast as we believe they should. That alone can be discouraging, again, the force that works against us (our own thoughts).

One day at a time, move forward. It may not be a physical action, it could be a mental action or a spiritual one. Don’t convince yourself that things can change, BELIEVE it. Momentum swings happen but momentum doesn’t stop unless we stop and if we do not stop, then we will get there.

Stay inspired and keep rising.


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Closing Time

Slowly shutting things down

No regrets or turning around

Dimming the lights on empty spaces

Until they are completely darken, no habitation

No collective sighs

No strung out goodbyes

When you do all you can or all that you could

There’s no pondering about the should

Some things can kill you deep inside

If you allow them to stay in and hide

Let it go and let it be

Do what you choose because all are free

One day all that is will pass

The present day will become the distant past

A backlog of memories to reminisce

Taking what is necessary and nothing missed


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but I’m moving forward



but I’m moving forward

Mind crimes

but I’m  moving forward

Knives in my back

but I’m moving forward

Am I too stubborn to see the obstacles

Or maybe the obstacles don’t have any importance

Wheels spinning

but I’m moving forward

Flat tire no spare

but I’m moving forward

Found a dumpster full of ideas

None worth picking through

Maybe it was the ideas of those who gave up

Something not worth getting use to

Dust storm

but I’m moving forward


but I’m moving forward


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#MondayThoughts: Through The Muck

When we consciously tie our most significant dreams to our daily actions, we pull ourselves out of the muck and step firmly onto the path that leads to success.

Richie Norton

Life is not a smooth path. Our feet get dirty and roughed up as we come to the uneven and muddy terrain on our path. We are delayed and sometimes find ourselves stuck but we must not allow ourselves to become fully entrenched and sink deeper.

The pursuit of a dream requires that you step towards that dream and take another step forward until you stand in the middle of realization. Your dreams will come true regardless of how quickly or slowly you get there. Just keep picking those feet up and moving forward.

Stay inspired!


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