Thank you to my Sister Ritu for tagging me in this challenge. After rummaging through my blog’s attic, I was able to find and dust off my first post here at wordpress.


May 31, 2010

street certified

look at me
a street corner vendor
doping up my people
my cash flow running deep

look at me
the nba is my future
a playground superstar
that can’t be beat
i got skill on top of skill
dunk or trey
#1 draft pick is my prayer

look at me
single mother holding it down
baby’s daddy disappeared like houdini
never to be found
9 to 5 paying it all
one check away from a link card
for my baby’s sake i stand tall

look at me
I turned my life around
use to be a drug pusher
prison calling me
God changed my heart
set my soul free
now a street corner preacher
doing it all in God’s name
living life with my head up
never again in shame


Ok…so the rules

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