Another day Time to realign Spiritually, not just my spine Generating enough brain power To shed light on some thoughts Creating in this already created day Putting my feet in steps pre-outlined Watching the wallpaper of each moment being plastered up As the day decides its own pace to travel * photo credit: Advertisements

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What Is Today?

Down by the lake The air is fresh this morning  Filling the lungs and clearing the mind Keeping my balance on this lifeline  I see the birds enjoying their morning flight I acknowledge them with a smile (as if they would notice) What is today?  Another day,  Closer to the next day What this day […]

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Pillow Thoughts

A ball of light Awakens life Airplane smoke trails across the sky My thoughts are awake But my eyes want a few more minutes The sounds of peace are welcoming Not quite ready to make my appearance in life just yet God has the day planned already He is awesome that way * photo courtesy […]

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Romantic Tuesday: Beyond The Sun

A part of my heart Lies far beyond the sun I wait for the rotation of light When night becomes day again  Fascinating transition  Revolution of emotion turning inside  Thoughts and feelings collaborating All of what is life in this moment  Soul searching  While watching the moon perched up there Close my eyes  To see […]

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