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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


4 Line Stories: Raising The Anchor 

As he prepared to take the helm

“What adventures would the day bring.” He thought to himself 

But if all the day delivered was much to do about nothing 

He could live with that too

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What Is Today?

Down by the lake

The air is fresh this morning 

Filling the lungs and clearing the mind

Keeping my balance on this lifeline 

I see the birds enjoying their morning flight

I acknowledge them with a smile (as if they would notice)

What is today?  Another day, 

Closer to the next day

What this day contains, I really don’t know

I am hopeful for good things, good happenings 

If not for me, for the millions occupying the earth

So I close my eyes and think, aware that God is tuned in to my frequency 

I open my eyes and take time to appreciate the sky

And those birds that are still having a good time up there

I wonder if they are smiling at me?


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Friday Inspiration: The Day Will Be New

That burning hope 

Lies deep in the heart

Hope for a new start 

A new way 

Better days

A world no longer divided

Humanity as a whole 



music credit: George Benson “New Day”

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Pillow Thoughts

Sunrise, City, Vienna, Skyline, Morgenrot, Distant View

A ball of light

Awakens life

Airplane smoke trails across the sky

My thoughts are awake

But my eyes want a few more minutes

The sounds of peace are welcoming

Not quite ready to make my appearance in life just yet

God has the day planned already

He is awesome that way


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Romantic Tuesday: Beyond The Sun

A part of my heart

Lies far beyond the sun

I wait for the rotation of light

When night becomes day again 

Fascinating transition 

Revolution of emotion turning inside 

Thoughts and feelings collaborating

All of what is life in this moment 

Soul searching 

While watching the moon perched up there

Close my eyes 

To see you sitting upon a pedestal 

In the other part of my heart, smiling 

Far beyond the sun

But always in sight

Soon a new day will come


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