#RomanticTuesday: Above All, Our Love Soars

Love can be as gentle as soaring wings

Love can be as solid as a rock

Love can withstand the strongest of winds

Love refuses to be toppled over


You and I

What can I say?

Our wings carry us to great heights

Our solidness stands it’s ground against all that opposes us

What we are building will not crumble


A hand to hold through it all

A hand that will never let go

A heart to share our intermost thoughts

Hearts that are connected forevermore

Photo by Evie Shaffer from Pexels

The Border

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Once you have crossed the border and reached the point of no return, you become a memory in someone else’s past and a signpost in someone else’s future.  There is broken glass from broken hourglasses, where we tried to make time stand still.  Yet even time has learned that we cannot be broken into pieces.  Love continues to solidify itself within the oneness of our being…

You deserve more than words


photo credit: Pixabay


#RomanticTuesday: The Lake

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Loving sentiments fill the atmosphere

We dance slowly to the sounds of silence

Our hearts in perfect rhythm

As the sun fades behind the mountain

We say our vows to one another

A re-dedication of  love which will never fade

There has always been something special about this lake

Placing my hand on your cheek

Wiping away a tear with my thumb

You place your hand on my heart

This moment is real

Love is real

Way beyond today

Our love will always remain real


photo credit: Flickr




High above this Mother Earth, we find our hearts just above the clouds. The search is over and on many sunsets we dreamed, that the one an only to merge heart and soul with would one day be a reality.  This is our reality, experiencing a reawakening within a living dream.  Love is the foundation, center and guide…

We are one and only, always and forever


photo credit: Verne Ho from Burst

#RomanticTuesday: With A Gentle Touch


You move my heart deeply

With great love and affection

That caresses with a gentle touch

The way that you paint your essence across my soul

Like that of an artist’s softest brushstrokes

I am always immersed in the wonder of you

And how you constantly redefine what is beautiful

You make me feel like this brand new person

Time and time again like such a special man

Have I thank you lately for what you see in me?

Thank you


Can I touch your heart

Guard it and mend it

Keep it whole and strong

Pour so much love into it

That it overflows into  your soul

Love you in totality

With no limits on the capacity

In every day see you with new eyes

And make you feel brand new

That’s what you do for me


Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst


Higher Frequency

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You transmit some really beautiful energy.  I believe it is at such a high frequency that at times it has been overlooked, but my senses picked up on its wavelengths.  How could anyone not see?  You are not an oddity.  You are that glimpse of light that brings to mind heavenly things. To be in tune with you raises the level of love’s frequency….

Increasing the beauty of our synergy


photo credit: hdfootagestock.com