#FridayFeeling: You Know

How you inspire Light this fire Fuel the desire Take me higher Higher than I’ve known The things you’ve shown A sacred zone A seed that’s grown Grown in love Gift from above Heart like a dove Circle of love * gif credit: Tumblr

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Last Words

It is in the last words that we say Before the night comes into play That we take with us in the realm of a dream As angels watch over us as we sleep These words, like miracles and gifts Keep us afloat, as in this dream we drift Somehow, I know I will meet […]

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Safe and Secure

It was never halfhearted  Always wholehearted It seems as though my heart has been re-sparked Reigniting a flame that was never lost All has been viewed through my whole heart Which I had given away right from the start Never halfhearted Always wholehearted I know it is safe and secure * photo credit: boomsumo.com   

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#RomanticTuesday: Evident

“It becomes more evident how blessed I am that you came my way” I realize that life is short A collage of moments pieced together You have become so many of the moments I piece together Steadily we are forming something beautiful Closeness when the ocean seems to echoe of distance Strength when time seems […]

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I See

Whatever there is too achieve or accomplish, would only ring hallow with its tinge of success, without you. Whatever I do, I see you there. In the forefront, in the background and right by my side… For me, this is life, this is success * photo credit: pexels.com

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