11/21/2020 – I Get It

Photo by Sergei Shmigelskii from Pexels


You have to laugh

At the ridiculousness of it all

Dormant waiting to bud

Roots nutured and flooded

All good will grow and glow

For now all is underscored

But the sunlight will always highlight all that is beautiful

That’s what keeps me going

And that right there….

Is wonderful

#MondayThoughts: Turn Away From The Jadedness

For jaded people, the only pleasure left is to demolish others.
Anaïs Nin

Photo by Josh Willink from Pexels

The world can push you to be jaded. The hits can keep coming and sometimes it feels like the disappointments continue to line up. Still, you have to get up and tarry on. Let that goodness vibrate in your heart so strongly and then share it with the world. This is your way of pushing back and not being bullied into submission that all is lost. Life is a blessing, some lose sight of that because the blindfold was placed on them without knowing.

The world can push you to be jaded

But we don’t have to take the bait

Sometimes your day may seem so out of balance

And as hard as you look there are no answers

It is not easy to walk the path less chosen

For every trying moment there are that many more wonderful coming

It gets better

It will be better

No jadedness today

Only faith, hope and love always


Stay inspired and keep rising

#MondayThoughts: A Healthy Outlook

“We all have our own individual microscopes and magnifying glasses. Our situations can be as small or as large as we choose to see them.” -Syl

Photo credit: Pixabay

“Nobody knows how I feel.”

“Nobody understands me.”

These two statements are absolutely correct. Reason being, we each have our very own experiences that only we can feel, sense, live within our being. No one else can feel exactly how you feel or understand exactly what you are going through, but there is someone who can relate. Maybe they have been in your situation or experience similar problems, feelings, emotions, etc. In the end though, it is your personalized journey through life.

With whatever we are facing in this life, we have a choice of how to view it. If I choose to let the situation bring me down and out, it is my choice and mine only, regardless of the influence and opinions of others. Been there, done that! (A long time ago 😊)

These days I choose to look at situations as a learning lesson, to get stronger mentally, spiritually and as the opportunity to grow in my human experience. Don’t get me wrong, it is not always easy to not get down when things appear to not go your way or are stagnant. Still there is a choice to wallow in self pity or to look for that point of light that leads to elevated thinking.

There are experiences that are extremely traumatic and life changing and I do not dismiss those with simple positive thoughts and dime store philosophy. I respect the experiences of others to the fullest. My aim here is to say there is a choice and only we can make that choice, it is ours to activate or deactivate.

Today, may you be blessed in all you choose to do and no matter where you find yourself in the moment. Keep your spirit and heart strong, head and eyes up.

*Stay inspired and keep rising. ❤️

#MondayThoughts: Setting The Stage

Life’s trials will test you, and shape you, but don’t let them change who you are.”
~ Aaron Lauritsen, ‘100 Days Drive

Siggy Nowak at Pixabay

You’re in dreamland and you start to wake up slowly. You have the heavy eyelids that sometimes feel like you need to pry them open. You might yawn and stretch or you might just lay there for a while before you even attempt to get out of bed.

Before we can even get out of bed, our reality of the day sieges us. When think of what we have to do in the moment and the endless list of things during the day. Without even taking one step we have set our day in motion.

Think about every good thing in your life right now. Free yourself of worrying. Let go of the anxiety, breathe. Stay positive, all is well.

Germany Kent

Before we step out of bed and into our world, we need to be mindful of our state of being. Do you look forward to your day with enthusiasm and zest or do you dread what you believe awaits you as you go about your day? Remember, although we may do some of the same things day after day, who truly knows what each day holds in store. Do not doom your day before it fully gets going.

I’m going to worry less about the little things and, most importantly, I will allow myself to be happy.

Flequr Ferris, Risk

Allow your mind to be free. Free from stress, free from worry, free from anxiety, free to be receptive to inspiration, positive thoughts, divine intervention, creative thoughts. Give yourself a boost first thing in the morning. Claim your victory over the day no matter what comes or what you believe will come (any negativity). Take some deep breaths, meditate for a moment, truly set the stage for a very good day. No day is perfect but no day is all completely bad either.

So, first thing every morning, let’s tune up our mind to be in tune with all good possibilities for the day. Mental nutrition is just as important as physical and and spiritual nutrition. Take good care overall.

Stay inspired and keep rising.

#RomanticTuesday: Love Flows Deeper

“Love doesn’t simply go around mountains, it moves them.”

photo credit: Bri Schneiter at pexels.com

Love will always make a way

No matter what chooses to stand in our way

Our love is like a mountain

And we have yet to reach its peak

Our love will not crumble under any weight

Our love will not be defeated


For, You, my heartbeat

Love flows deeper than ever

Together as One

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