Still watering growing hoping watching waiting caring unwavering undeterred just doing Still…     Advertisements

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Dreams and the Dreamers

Summer child Sun in heart Warm eyes * Counting the blessings Face to face Happy to be Happy to see such happenings Claiming a song Reclaiming the same song Cloudless memories Say a prayer Good times, good things Dreams The dreamers * Summer child Sun in heart Warm eyes  

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Fusing all things together The highs and lows The emotional extremes Spiritually weaving with great intricacy Adding an endless depth of meaningfulness Not living as a defeatist Fusing all things into something beautiful * photo credit: Stockvault

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Until I Have Nothing

Invisible line stretched out Threaded hopes hanging tight Giving a middle finger to the doubts The heart is suffering I’ll give all until I have nothing Six feet under and still loving But it’s not that time yet Eyes following the path of birds flying by The waters down below don’t offer a landing strip […]

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Showers and Rainbows

Rain dominates the day Thirsty grass soaking it in Concrete absorbing the sky’s tear drops Puddles reflecting the life around them Daydreamers finding an alibi for drifting away A multitude of umbrellas go to and fro There destinations varied Windows blurred from nature’s showering them And the sun demonstrates its patience Standing behind the grey […]

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#MondayThoughts – Freedom Within

“True freedom is always spiritual. It has something to do with your innermost being, which cannot be chained, handcuffed, or put into a jail.” — Osho * No matter how hard the circumstances that surround you may twist and turn. No matter what life dictates, good or bad. You are free within. Frustrations may mount and you […]

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