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Monday Thoughts: Unwanted Territory

Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.

Gianna Perada Carini

Life is a constant until we are gone. Regardless of what is happening in and around us, life is in constant motion.

With this life we attempt to live, enjoy, survive, find and share meaning on an almost daily basis. We have family, friends, associates, companions, all different sorts of relationships revolving around our existence here. We want to have the most fulfilling life experience there is to have (what is fulfilling to each individual).

Things do not always work out as we hope for and it can be disappointing. People do not always turn out to be who we think they are, either what we expect or who they present themselves to be. Life can push you to the limits of physical, mental and spiritual endurance and what you believe you can handle. We are not required, obligated or bound to suffering and mistreatment. At the end of the day we are alone in our innermost thoughts and feelings.

Choices and decisions are not always easy to make. Outside observers can give their opinion but they are not in your shoes or beneath your skin. It is our individual act, ours alone depending on the situation. You can be taken to the limits of reasoning and understanding and it doesn’t mean that you have to be pushed into territory that you don’t want to be or remain in. What good is life if you are not a part of your own..

Life is a constant regardless.

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Thoughtful Thursday: Outlook

“Perspective alone can make an experience positive or negative, but regardless of which you let it become, it can only have as much power over your outlook on life as you give it.”  ― A.J. DarkholmeRise of the Morningstar  

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#Shadorma – And Live

“Absence can be temporary, love can be everlasting.”

Dawn of day

It is not easy

I am here

Love is here

A strong thunder in my heart

Awake and present 

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The Sevens: The Optimist

The weight of the world

Slides off my wings

I am not a carrier pigeon

So I carry not a heavy soul

Nor a heavy heart

Even when I am grounded 

My faith is always in flight 

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Motions of Grace

Motion within the soul

The fluidity of hope’s flow

Prayers draped with grace

Spread their wings in beckoning splendor

Another day in this journey of days

A spirit of divine compassion strengthens my bones

Motion within the heart

Echoes of courageousness

Thoughts of the other side of this all

On the other side of the horizon I believe the sun is just as bright