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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


The Thin Line

Sometimes the line you walk is thin and you are unsure of your footing. Frail thoughts gang up on you in an attempt to push you over the edge, but you better belief a heart with a smidgeon of faith creates a line so thick and sure, that not even the big bad wolf of fear has enough breath to blow you over..

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Hope Soars High

Everyday is another step up. Poor man’s pockets with a wealth of thoughts and dreams. Everyday is another step up. Wipe the sweat from my brow, willing the physical and mental to push on. The spiritual drinks from the well of The Most High. Everyday is another step up. Hope soars high, increasing the sentiment behind my sighs. One day it will all come together…


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Times of trouble, struggles tapping you on the shoulder, “hey do you have time to spare.” Even when you say no, the struggles refuse to go away, holding you back and keeping you from being on your way.

A time of hardship

A temporary roadblock

Never giving up


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Straight and Direct

The direction changes

The arrow points

Is this the correct way?

Or just a fading trail

Or misdirected thoughts

Or a misguided belief

Perhaps a devil’s whisper into dead air

Winds of change stirring

Debris everywhere

I am not deterred by negative propaganda

Following through to the end

Beginning to the end and then begin again

Even when the trail fades

My heart points the way

Straighter than an arrow

Its direction never changes


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Something More Precious 


Not all streets

are paved with yellow bricks

But if you have faith

Whatever color or type of road

Will lead you to something more precious than gold

If there is anything I can do

I will

What’s that you say, God?

Have faith 

I do because You are faithful 

Your footprints are there

So I follow

You know the road much better than I

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#RomanticTuesday: Eternal Hearts


I believe

Each time we touch

The reverberations

Will be felt for eternities


No matter how the world pulls

To keep us apart

Our love only strengthens

We are eternal hearts

Time plays its role

Shortening the moments

Lengthening the silence

The sighs we exhale

Breathe newer life into our love

Giving up is an outdated concept

Giving in more, to what we believe

That the creator of stars and all beautiful things

Has gifted us with this love

Its light, at times, blinding

But we always see what it all means

Intimate soul speak

We are One

Eternal hearts


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Monday Thoughts: The Steps Given, The Steps Taken

You know your end goal. You know where you want to be and hope to achieve.  As we push towards our goal, we know there are steps that need to be taken to get us to success. The more you believe in what you want , the more  steps open that give you more options in helping you.

We come into awareness of these step because they relate directly to our goals and it feels like a little nudge in the right direction. These are the steps given. Now, what we do with those steps is an entirely different story. Do we take those necessary steps or do we hesitate, think twice and decide to follow our own logic?  These are the steps taken.  Maybe we think it may be too hard or too long. Maybe there is an easier route (we tell ourselves). Possibly we could be right but then again, is the easier way always the best way?

It may take a lot patience, courage and the willingness to persevere, but when we arrive at the point of achieving our end goal and seeing something we have strived for come to fruition, it can be a fulfilling experience an impetus for us with future goals.


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