Fighting Through

All those times you knocked me down All those times I got back up Bruises on my soul My heart wounded Still, I got back up I sense you are weary and tired of punching As for me, I’m just getting started You see, if I stay down I give you satisfaction If I lay […]

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  Gradually Sometimes at a snails pace Sometimes a horse race I can still look at the stars and dream I can still hide my eyes behind sunglasses and think I can still put my hand on my heart and understand what it all means Fast of slow, it doesn’t matter Smooth or rough road, […]

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Don’t Let My Spirit Sleep

Weariness comes with the toiling away of days. Sweat falls from my brow as the once straight path becomes a steep uphill climb. Give strength to my heart, God. You are the mightiest of all. As the bluebird takes a breather from flight, I march on, saving my time for rest when the journey is […]

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