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Monday Motivation: Make It So

“The bird dares to break the shell, then the shell breaks open and the bird can fly openly. This is the simplest principle of success. You dream, you dare and and you fly.”
Israelmore Ayivor 

If there is something you want to do then do it. If there is a change you want to make then change. Our hopes, our dreams, our goals can only be realized by cracking the shell of comfortably, taking off and flying. We have to learn to stop our over analyzing brain from keeping us from what we want to do.

And as the good Captain Picard would say “Make it so!”

Stay inspired!

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Monday Motivation: The Big Push

The goal is within sight, not yet within reach, but still within sight. You wonder if you have enough left to make it all the way. You look back to how far you have come. No giving up now! No settling for “at least I made it this far” (depending on the situation). 

You look forward and it appears as if the end goal is so far away still. Is it? For all our effort to reach the point where we are, it will take that much more effort and then some to get to where we want to be. Whether you barely make it or arrive there easily, give yourself that big push you need to see it through.

Everyday should be looked at as a day closer to reaching your goal. Stay inspired!

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Up And Out

When you reach rock bottom 

You can only look up 

Can’t fall any further 

Unless it’s six feet under

The point of no return 

But it is not that time

Picked myself up 

And began to climb 

After a while I could see the light

With all my might I dug my fingers in

Pulled myself up one reach at a time 

One after another 

Slipped a time or two 

But never gave up and kept my head up

The light grew bigger and my eyes grew wider

I finally reach the top 

Back to the surface again 

I looked down that hole back to where I began 

And I thanked God for not giving up on me

And I thank my heart for not quitting on me

I carry a rope with me these days

There are a lot of holes 

And there are a lot of people that need some help pulling themselves up

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Negatives Developed 

The negatives laid out

The positives spaced out

How will the pictures play out

Day by day life is a snapshot

Sometimes black and white

Sometimes colorful 

Moments are screenshots 

Bringing this bigger picture into focus 

Taking the negatives, the positives

And working them into something beautiful 

A picturesque life experience 

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Monday Motivation: Until You Have Nothing Left

“I came to what appeared to be the end of the road, then I took a step forward and then another one. I discovered it was only temporary darkness” – Syl

The things we want do not always come gift wrapped, we have to work for it.  One day it all seems easy and the next day you cannot catch a break. What is most important is that we work at it and give it our all, our absolute very best, until we have nothing left in the tank. You’d be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Stay inspired!

Scene from the motion picture “Facing the Giants”


Motivation Monday:  There Are No Dead Ends

On our journey we face many challenges and difficulties. Although we would like life to be without bumps in the road, those bumps are there to test out mettle. We can sit idle, come to a complete standstill or find a way to move forward.

We will have setbacks. We will have delays. What we will not have are dead ends! Our journey takes us through so many different experiences and from these experiences we learn, we grow, we mature and hopefully become a little more wiser. The life experience is a mystery from one day to the next. We do not know what tomorrow holds in store. Focusing on today, we deal with this phase of the road where we are. 

If your road today is smooth, keep walking. If your road today is bumpy, keep walking. If the sign post reads “no through road”, find your way through and keep walking. 

There are no dead ends, only the ones we allow.

Stay inspired

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