Climbing the ladder rung by rung With each level reached The ladder seems to stretch longer No sullen lullabies on the way up You don’t want to sleep, lose your grip and slip So muster up that strength though it’s not always easy Eyes looking up because you know where you’ve been Silent prayers for […]

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Peaceful Refuge

In that moment when you think you are done That light appears, giving you strength to carry on And it is not easy Tolerance has its limits We are not garbage to be thrown away or recycled Six weeks and tossed aside like a piece of shit I admit, I was stunned Pushed to the […]

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Solid Pursuit

Heart racing Feet chasing Distant yet close Closer yet distant Song in my head Singing along but Don’t know all the words Fits the moment though Throwing my soul into the pursuit One of these days My heart will cross the finish line * gif credit: giphy

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