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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Circumference of Perspective 

The world can be very huge

Depending on your perspective 

Blank canvass sky, waiting to be painted upon 

Skyscrapers, mountains and deserts 

Winding rivers, open sea and endless depth oceans

Depending on your perspective 

The world can be very small

Depending on the set of eyes you use

And the mind in which you decide to dream

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4 Line Stories: Raising The Anchor 

As he prepared to take the helm

“What adventures would the day bring.” He thought to himself 

But if all the day delivered was much to do about nothing 

He could live with that too

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Quieting The Echoes 

Washed up on dry land

Drifting mind

Weaved thoughts 

Worn by the heart 

Quiet the echoes 

Turn over the hourglass 

There you are

Here I am 

Somewhere in time

Transitioning with the season

Beautiful heartache 

Love is anarchy 

Lasso around hope

Pulled from the sea

Rescued from perplexity 

Dry land is a welcomed sight

Kiss the ground

Kiss the sky

Gazing at cropped photos 

Sitting next to the night light 

Forgetting about lost time

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Monday Thoughts: Top of the Hill

Over the weekend I watched the movie “Million Dollar Baby”. Hilary Swank stars as an amateur boxing who wants to turn professional and Clint Eastwood is the boxing trainer that takes her under his wing. Swank rises the ranks with her raw skill, talent and Eastwood ‘s tutelage. After eventually receiving a title fight, she becomes paralyzed from the neck down because of a cheap shot by her opponent and a freak accident while falling.

After having one leg amputated because of little blood circulation from her not being able to move and surviving because of a breathing machine, Swank asks Eastwood if he could end her suffering…

Eastwood struggles with his decision because he is battling his own inner demons and how do you help someone to die?  Definitely a tough moral dilemma.

Eastwood feels guilty, believing everything is his fault for deciding to train her. He is reminded by a friend that he helped her to achieve a dream she wanted of being a professional boxer and fighting for a championship belt. Most people live a life and never achieve something they hoped for or dreamed of accomplishing.

There were dreams I had that I have long since let go of. There are dreams that I have been blessed to see come to life. I look at myself and understand that I am on the declining side of life, not that I am aging rapidly or that I am death’s door, just something inside you realize. When you are at a certain age, the world, life, looks so huge with this endless cache of possibilities. Life doesn’t look as huge anymore, but the endless cache of possibilities are still there.  

No matter what I have been through or faced with in the present, I am thankful for the life shaping experiences. I still dream and I still hope.  If I am to go today at this very moment, I know I have experience something so very meaningful to me that surpasses expression and definition. I thank God for that. Will I reach the top of the hill to my life?  That point when you know this is it,  this where I am supposed to be. Will I only live to see the light at the top of the hill as I make my way up?  I am not worried about ifs, one day at a time is all we’re given and we can try to live the best quality of life that we can.

Morgan Freeman’s speech from “Million Dollar Baby”

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In The Hours of Yearning 

Even in the shadows 

I hear the bird singing 

When you feel like shit

You need a good song

Angels and harps are at a distance 

But this bird with all rights reserved 

Sings a necessary song, perhaps just for me

God is all around in magnitude 

I lift my head to His ever present light in acknowledgement 

We walk by faith and not by sight

Sore eyes drop tears of angst 

The devil pokes and prod with a sharp stick

I think of myself as neither valiant or courageous 

Only a being  carry a lantern of understanding 

Asking God for a pinch of Solomon’s wisdom

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Monday Motivation: The Big Push

The goal is within sight, not yet within reach, but still within sight. You wonder if you have enough left to make it all the way. You look back to how far you have come. No giving up now! No settling for “at least I made it this far” (depending on the situation). 

You look forward and it appears as if the end goal is so far away still. Is it? For all our effort to reach the point where we are, it will take that much more effort and then some to get to where we want to be. Whether you barely make it or arrive there easily, give yourself that big push you need to see it through.

Everyday should be looked at as a day closer to reaching your goal. Stay inspired!

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