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We call it fascinating

This earth and sky

Colorful sunsets

Gentle sunrise

The rotation of planets

Evening meets night

Night greets morning

Hearts glowing with the stars

Hearts glowing from afar

We call this fascinating

The rotation of souls

Love being the sphere in between

#ThoughtfulThursday: New Year’s Eve

As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning.
– Criss Jami, Killosophy

Photo credit: Shaurya Sagar at unsplash.com

The clock will strike midnight and a new calendar will unfold.

Optimism will be high

Pessimism will still hang around

We will reflect over the last calendar

The good, the bad and the in between

Then at the stroke of midnight we’ll pull up anchor

Ready to sail into a new year

That horizon looks so beautiful

The light inside is still alive

My breathing is intact

So my dreams are well and alive too

Photo credit: Anne Nygård at unsplash.com

Happy New Year and remember, there are enough stars in the sky for us all.

#MondayThoughts: 2020 “The Learning Experience”

You live and learn. At any rate, you live.
– Douglas Adams

Photo credit: Ron at unsplash.com

Towards the end of 2019, I was put in a very demanding and stressful situation. As the new year came an actually on New Year’s day, I began to feel sick and this sickness lasted quite awhile. All the while I was sick, I was still trying to cope with the situation I was in. It took an extreme amount of patience, understanding and looking at it from a different perspective.

Now, raise your hands if you heard of the coronavirus before this year. It hit the world like pleg from the old testament and no one was prepared for the toll it would take on humanity in body and spirit. This potent virus took the entire world out of its comfort zone and forced us to adapt, change and look at our way of living. Most importantly, it taught us to slow down from the rat race and get back to simplifying life. Enjoying the little things more, turning down the boombastic noise level to a soft gentle tone. We learned new ways of doing things, picked up ideas and projects that had been on the shelf for some time and we even started new projects as we gained a new perspective about life and about ourselves individually.

Photo credit: Quotefancy

We live, we learn , we grow. As we close out this year, where we see uncertainty, there is still hope. Although we cannot put the coronavirus/covid-19 completely behind us, we can move forward into the coming new year with new hope, stronger faith, good courage and of course the continued steadfastness towards our goals and dreams. This year has been a learning lesson for us all. We can complain, be sad and walk with our heads down (this is our choice and right) but we can also move forward with great strides and highly inspired.

Life is not easy and it will have its difficulties at times. We all have our different ways to respond, react and handle whatever difficulties rise up. You do the best you can, you make the decision and choices you make and then you continue to live.

Don’t stop living.

Photo credit: Fearless Soul

Stay inspired and keep rising

#MondayThoughts: A Healthy Outlook

“We all have our own individual microscopes and magnifying glasses. Our situations can be as small or as large as we choose to see them.” -Syl

Photo credit: Pixabay

“Nobody knows how I feel.”

“Nobody understands me.”

These two statements are absolutely correct. Reason being, we each have our very own experiences that only we can feel, sense, live within our being. No one else can feel exactly how you feel or understand exactly what you are going through, but there is someone who can relate. Maybe they have been in your situation or experience similar problems, feelings, emotions, etc. In the end though, it is your personalized journey through life.

With whatever we are facing in this life, we have a choice of how to view it. If I choose to let the situation bring me down and out, it is my choice and mine only, regardless of the influence and opinions of others. Been there, done that! (A long time ago 😊)

These days I choose to look at situations as a learning lesson, to get stronger mentally, spiritually and as the opportunity to grow in my human experience. Don’t get me wrong, it is not always easy to not get down when things appear to not go your way or are stagnant. Still there is a choice to wallow in self pity or to look for that point of light that leads to elevated thinking.

There are experiences that are extremely traumatic and life changing and I do not dismiss those with simple positive thoughts and dime store philosophy. I respect the experiences of others to the fullest. My aim here is to say there is a choice and only we can make that choice, it is ours to activate or deactivate.

Today, may you be blessed in all you choose to do and no matter where you find yourself in the moment. Keep your spirit and heart strong, head and eyes up.

*Stay inspired and keep rising. ❤️

#MondayThoughts: (Side note)

Photo by Kaique Rocha from Pexels

When it feels like the world is dragging you down

And there appears to be no signs of life pulsating

When you feel like there’s no real reason to go on

Throw all that shit out the window

Just say “fuck it!”

And keep moving on

Believe that no matter how the road twists or turns, it gets better along the way and for every bump in the road, there is a double blessing ahead. Everything will be alright.

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