#RomanticTuesday: Your Fragrance

“Your voice always causes me to smile.”

Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

Your fragrance is everywhere

Sometimes I have to stop and stare

To see if you are around

Nothing can compare

Thoughts of you take me higher

Way above the highest mountain’s peak

Feels like I’m touching a clear blue sky

My, my, my

How your fragrance speaks to me

So intimately

Blowing kisses to you, my dear

Your fragrance which embodies you

I feel so near

Disappearing in these thoughts of you

Smiling, as I am filled with fragrance of you

Silent Reflections

Reflections in the pond play like silent movie trailers. People, places, moments, events, hopes, dreams, real-time thinking. Synchronizing my spirit to faith. I will always believe until it is time for my soul to be free from the body…

Photo by Saif Selim from Pexels

Far Beneath

Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels

There is this beauty that radiates beneath and no matter what is going on, it is seen, it is sensed, it is felt. I don’t take deep breaths to catch my breath. I take deep breaths because I sense it all in my soul and I let it rest there. Wherever I go, it will always be….


Photo credit: Pinterest

You know I’m wondering

What is it like to touch the moon through your eyes?

Hypnotic embrace

Surroundings and sounds evaporate

Who gives a damn?

You and I slow dancing under billions of stars

I wonder how awesome that would feel

The earth as our ballroom floor

#RomanticTuesday: Ever Present

And the tender breeze brought me your fragrance.

– Avijeet Das

Photo by Dio Alif Utomo from Pexels

Sometimes I look at that evening sky

And my heart swells with the hugest sigh

My mind never has to wonder “why?”

Because it is the essence of you stirring inside

So I take the moment and let it ride

Upon these deep feelings my soul glides


For you being in my life


Photo credit: Pixabay

Whatever soothes the heart

Will soothe the mind

As long as you are looking upwards

You will not decline

Reframe your frame of mind

And decorate the walls of your heart beautifully

Sometimes there is strain and stress but don’t fall into the trap believing that you will never be blessed.