#RomanticTuesday: Hello, Love

It is never a chore to love you. It is an honor and privilege.”

Photo by Jonathan Borba from Pexels

Shifting tides and times

Seasons pass one to the next

Love never changes

Hello, love

I hope these words find you well and they find their way into your heart and nestle there. I have seen many days with the absence of you physically and the sounds of our voices brought to a whisper. Yet, my heart only emraces you stronger and my love for you becomes richer and deeper in depth. Hopefully my love will always bring warmth to your heart and soul.

Today there is love

In this moment you are loved

Love never changes

#RomanticTuesday: Beyond The Words (Love Is Alive)


Photo by Hiếu Hoàng from Pexels

Beyond the sparkle of pretty words

Love is rooted deeply

When times are high and we seem to fly higher

Love will express itself so colorfully

When the days are quiet and the sparkle is less intense

Love is still alive, quietly composing

Its foundation even sturdier

How do I love

With all that I am

No matter which way the wind blows

This love is for you

Everlasting and true

For the rest of this lifetime

And beyond

Still Driving

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels

Still standing

Still striving

I make not be in overdrive

But I’m still driving

Driving forward

Eyes forward

And straight ahead

Faith doesn’t mislead

So I won’t be mislead

Treading the unwalkened path

Gratitude and joy will be the aftermath

Thank you

For being you

#RomanticTuesday: As One

“Our love is whole and we are wholefully One.”

Gif credit: Acegif.com

There are many setting suns to see


Together as One

We will embrace the sum of all that is

And create the most beautiful life to live


Together as One

Living, discovering, growing and loving

There are many rising suns to see


Together as One

#RomanticTuesday: As The Rain Falls

Photo by Nastasya Day from Pexels

Rainy afternoon dreams

The most wonderful thoughts of you and I

The rain brings tranquility

Like love pouring from the sky

You and I

Such a lovely combination

Hands always clasped heading towards our destination

The foundation has been layed

For what we desire

Love is the hot air balloon

That takes us higher

High above the widest ocean

High above the lonesome highways and streets

High above the whitest mountain caps

The view is nothing short of heavenly

Love is the frame

That preserves more than memories

Love is the frame that surrounds our life

What was, what is

And what will be

Some rainy days stir up the most beautiful things