Theodor Vasile at unsplash.com

We call it fascinating

This earth and sky

Colorful sunsets

Gentle sunrise

The rotation of planets

Evening meets night

Night greets morning

Hearts glowing with the stars

Hearts glowing from afar

We call this fascinating

The rotation of souls

Love being the sphere in between

#RomanticTuesday: 2gether As 1

“Such a beautiful dynamic when our hands are clasped together.”

Photo credit: Aarón Blanco Tejedor at unsplash.com

My heart pounds

At the thought

Of spending

The rest of

This lifetime

With you

It will be wonderful to see your smile everyday

And to express to you how much you make my day

To love you in totality for rest of your days

And experience the fullness of your love in all my days

Without any doubt, you are amazing


Mohamed Nohassi at unsplash.com

Life can be rich

With either joy or pain

Or even some combination of both

Open hearts can be vulnerable

But if your heart is closed are you really absorbing life

God knows I am trying

My open heart absorbing it all

And I am painting on this canvas

With heart, mind, spirit and soul

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