#RomanticTuesday: Mainstay

“In the twilight of loving you, I will still be captivated by your soul’s light.” On numerous occasions I have paused the world To sink deeper into gratitude for you You being in my life is one thing You being my life is a higher level of awareness I find in everyday, a new way […]

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When Someone comes along And redefines Your existence You know God has been looking out for you * Photo by Caio Queiroz from Pexels

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The things you have seen and the things we see. I admire how you made a way and then left a map for me to  follow. I will follow, love. There are many sunsets full of glow, waiting for You and I to see.  The things I see and the things we will see…. My […]

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#RomanticTuesday: Becoming Us

At what point did out hearts become entwined? This wonderous sublime connection Stretched across the earth yet the bond is strong We carry each other as we carry on Especially when the days seem long Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? No need to ponder, yes it is true I give thanks for […]

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Full Embrace

I thought You could use a hug Right here in this very moment Outside of space and time Take a deep breath and release Locked this firmly in your heart I will always be here There And wherever I must be For You Embracing You fully * gif credit: Giphy

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Not Like This

  Never seen the ocean like this before Although I have seen it before Funny how Perspectives can be made new Never seen life like this before Although I have seen plenty of life before  Funny how Life can be made new * photo credit: Depositphotos  

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