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Poetry, creative writing and a desire to inspire….. Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.


Friday Inspiration: Lord of All Creation

How wonderful

Are the wonders of God

Beyond imagination

Beyond definition

And reality

Our God is wonderful

music: Third Day “God of Wonders”

photo credit: A Little Perspective




Friday Inspiration: A Word of Praise

Just a word of praise

Can open the floodgates

God pouring out His blessings 

Generous and lovingly

music: The Sing Team “As Long As I Live (Psalm 63)”

photo credit: pinterest




Light And Salvation

God, glory to your name

Give me the strength to keep my eyes on you

Establish my thoughts and direct my steps

You are light

You are salvation

You are strength

You are shield

Thank you for making this day possible

God, glory to your name


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The Hill of Holiness

I’ve climbed this hill

dozens of times

raised my hands to heaven

thankful for God’s benevolence

made my way down

and sat under the holy tree

and listened as the Holy Spirit spake to me

not in any hurry to leave

Love of God, fill me

the sun pantomimes in the sky

shining extravagantly

each time I climb this hill

it seems smaller in some way

the thoughts of God

outgrowing the thoughts of “how?”

as He provides the strength to make it

day by day by day…..




4 Line Stories: In His Presence

In those moments when the world moves along quietly

I find a space unoccupied and sit under a canopy of thoughts

Counting my blessings until my spiritual pockets are empty

Sitting back, up against God’s feet, I breathe in, deeply


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Beyond Words

Heavenly Father

Thank you for blessing me

Everyday, supplying every need

Giving me the strength to be second

Thank you for knowing me

Always the guiding light

Thank you for understanding every deep breath

Sticking with me in every step

Thank you most of all for deeming me worthy

To be a part of something really special


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