Beyond Words

Heavenly Father Thank you for blessing me Everyday, supplying every need Giving me the strength to be second Thank you for knowing me Always the guiding light Thank you for understanding every deep breath Sticking with me in every step Thank you most of all for deeming me worthy To be a part of something […]

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HIs Greatness

            “We praise God, not because he needs our praise (for all glory resides in and on him), but in order to see him more clearly, enlarge our soul, and relieve our spirit.” ― Ron Brackin  “God is Light. God is a Sun. Paul says,“For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, […]

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I’m Getting By

Thank you God I am a river Flowing out to an open sea You continuously provide And I’m getting by All things working together for good Your sea is full of good works You’re working one in me All the tests give life a preciousness That can’t be appraised Thank you God For this day and everyday You […]

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The Purpose

Thank you, God Bless this day Let good be the call of today Let love be a tidal wave Completely washing away all levels of hate Give me the strength to keep my eyes on you And stay strong in faith, you get the glory I am here because of you The purpose revealed daily […]

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A Child Without Words

God you leave me in awe Revelations that leave me speechless I am a child without words to express The joy you bless me with daily Do you see my heart smile, Lord? Yes, I know you do And you know the depth of my gratitude For all that you do Your light can never […]

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You Are Glorious

Reveal your glory Allow me to see, spiritually Consume me in the enormity of your love Let me bless your name Across every ocean and sea I have a mustard seed My spirit abounds with faith With an open heart I Believe ~ photo credit:

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